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Author Topic: Function pack  (Read 4318 times)

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Function pack
« on: 02 Mar 2014, 19:35:16 »
Hallo all!

IMHO the best way of OFP enhancing is to write script packs.

This is the prototype of big function pack I newer can create by myself only.
>100 functions - but no particle effects, no dialog management...
You better see

You can download last version of the library from my latest post.
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Re: Function pack
« Reply #1 on: 02 Mar 2014, 20:47:52 »
The "cost" value of your unit class should be increased from 40.000 to 100.000, because this is truly a remarkable collection.

A community function pack, similar to the Editor Update, now that would be a great thing for mission makers and addon makers alike. It would save a lot of work and research for everyone, and it would offer a lot of great ways to solve editing-related issues.

Great thinking and great job on that one.
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DASH_Library v. 1.2 Release
« Reply #2 on: 06 Mar 2014, 17:52:35 »
In version 1.2 added 2 modules:
Random.sqf - random float, int, element etc...
MachineLearning.sqf - long story, you better see.

Added several functions from Vectorboson's scriptLib-1.4
Fixed isnil and vartype to work with big arrays.

Fuzzy str-char vector comparison in Text.sqf
3 new "CEH": canmove, canfire, crew.
To be continued... :D


DASH_Library version 1.3 official release   :cool2:

In plane arabic numbers:

104 KB - PBO size;
14 subject modules;
14 event-handling scripts;
200+ functions;

29 editor missionettes;

Recuired OFP version: ACWA 1.99;


Attachment removed - see DASH_Library 2.0 release post

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Re: Function pack -hotfix
« Reply #3 on: 06 Mar 2014, 22:08:08 »
Please don't make separate topics for each change you make to your project(s). Edit your initial post instead  :)

Some of the most memorable missions made involve the player doing very little...

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Re: Function pack
« Reply #4 on: 07 Mar 2014, 05:33:41 »
Indeed, threads merged.
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Re: Function pack
« Reply #5 on: 04 Oct 2014, 17:33:32 »
If someone wants to propose any function ideas 4 the next version of library -
now is the time.

And if you found some bugs/veird things in the version 1.3 - tell me I'll  kill 'em :dry:

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Re: Function pack
« Reply #6 on: 15 Jan 2015, 15:40:17 »
DASH_library 2.0 is ready!

New features:
* No gameLogics, 98% of functions were moved to stringtable.csv, so:
   ++ minimal name conflict probability - only 3 global functions and 3 global vars;
   ++ no "load 3 modules to use 2 functions" - csv functions can be loaded with "loadFns"
      and "alias" utilities, you will get only what you need;
   ++ slightly faster code execution for 6 of 6 tested fns (+5...+10%);
* Removed ~20 fns, reworked ~20, added ~90;

* Presence check for 20 mods and 210 addons ("isAddonLoaded" extended);

* SQL-like queries to databases ("sqlSelect", "sqlDelete");

* Finding name and position of the nearest village on 25 islands ("nearestVillage");

* Unit movements replacing ("overrideMoves");

* Fwatch 1.13 integration. The library itself is independent from Fwatch, but:
   ++ a few good functions can't work WITHOUT it;
   ++ several functions works even better WITH it;
* More handy test missions;

From now on 280 functions are on your fingertips, ready to be implemented in
the coolest CWA missions and addons ever. May be you'll find something useful for your
unfinished projects...

EDIT: attachment removed - see latest release
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Re: Function pack
« Reply #7 on: 02 May 2015, 22:31:38 »
I am working on big and fast stringtable-based weapon database
to allow  get weapon scope, check if weapon is silenced or not,
get available magazines and grenades and so on.
Here is weapon packs and mods list from my HDD:

weapon packs - already in database
JAM3 (JAM_Magazines.pbo)
ORCS team east weapon pack (ICP_rfwp.pbo)
ORCS team east rocket launchers (ICP_rpg7.pbo)
Laser's west weapon pack  (LSR_uswp.pbo)
Laser's east weapon pack (LSR_rfwp.pbo)
INQUISITOR's weapon pack (INQ_WeaponPack.pbo)
United Kingdom army weapons (ukf_ukweps.pbo)
Code Blue weapons (CB_WEAP.pbo)
Norwegian army weapons (NOM_Weap.pbo)
SJB west weapons (SJB_TOSM4_cpp.pbo)
Red Hammer Studios weapon pack
marine assault pack (C8X_russ.pbo, C8X_usmc.pbo, C8Xmag.pbo)
Diemaco weapon pack (kmmdiemaco.pbo)
Mailman's (Red Force team) east weapon pack
Hoyt's east weapon pack
The HK & German Special Forces Addon (TheHKPack.pbo)
French weapon pack (OFrP_Armes.pbo)
Turkish Union weapons (TU_Weapons.pbo)
some Taiwan Workshop mod stuff
weapons from FFUR+SLX mod  (@ffsx85)
DDAM mod
Crime City weapon pack (CC_WP.pbo)

===================packs to add
KEG weapons

mods already added

@WWII mod
@WGL5 mod
Liberation 1941-1945 mod
Battle Over Hokkido mod
@WW1 mod
PACIFIC WAR mod - mainly Up_ww2.pbo
Conflicto de Malvinas mod
@VTE mod
@WW4 mod v.2.5
China army weapons (@VME_PLA\addons\VME_PLA_ADDONS.pbo)
BAS Tonal (TonalRedux\Addons\BAS_OPCPP.pbo), BAS_TSF, BAS_Weap
Silent War mod (swmod\addons\SWWeaps.pbo + pkm.pbo)
Bundeswehr mod
Colonial Wars Mod
===============================mods to add
Half-life 2 addon pack
LostBrothers mod

The question: what popular or just good-looking
weapon packs / mods would you recommend to add?
Links will be very handy.

And another question not to create separate topic:
how to contact with @WW4 team?

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Re: Function pack
« Reply #8 on: 31 Aug 2015, 21:54:38 »
Version 2.1 release:

* Purpose: to extend possibilities of (still working) scripters and mission makers,
save their time during difficult scripts development and to support
my other OFP projects with needed code. Exactly in that order;

* All but 1 function works in OFP-R 1.96
("overrideMoves" requires "animChanged" EH from CWA).
Some CWA commands  had been duplicated with functions
("mapName" instead of "getWorld", "find2" instead of "find");

* Start options in DASH_Library_Settings.pbo;

* Powerful stringtable-based technology of data storage.
Fast responce, scalability, relative edit simplicity.
"Class inheritance" provided to store config info ("csvQuery").

Several thousands of infantry weapons, magazines
and projectiles in the database of this format
("cfgWeapon" returns 9 properties, "cfgAmmo" and "cfgMag" returns 6 props each).

New inventory functions uses this DB, for example "weaponMags":
returns all magazines used with given infantry weapon;

* Another stringtable-based approach 4 fast global arrays
creation, updating, demonstration and access using point-separated
keys of string type (like "dash.wind.direction")-->
more clear usage of array elements, list of array content no more needed.

All indexes of stored stuff are located in one place now -->
more easy to edit structure of resource arrays
(7 "db*" functions from dbAdd to dbSet);

* 350 functions (not including sub-routines) total     


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Re: Function pack
« Reply #9 on: 02 Sep 2015, 17:07:41 »
Please also update the thread on flashpoint-ru

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Re: Function pack
« Reply #10 on: 02 Sep 2015, 21:49:30 »
I have no DASH_library thread of Flashpoint.ru,
but if you think it's a good idea - I'll make it next week.

BTW I've send version with Russian documentation to Arma-CWA.ru
administration (31.09.15), but still no publication ???

And if you want to see Russian documentation/samples ASAP - here it is:


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Re: Function pack
« Reply #11 on: 05 May 2016, 13:12:23 »

I've got a humble question: could someone upload English version of this pack to some other mirror? Seems like Yandex is unavailable in my country... :(


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Re: Function pack
« Reply #12 on: 07 May 2016, 19:03:03 »
Try this link for both packs:

It seems what I forgot to describe
several newest functions from
"Inventory" section in English version.

ETA for 2.2 is about a month.

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Re: Function pack
« Reply #13 on: 10 May 2016, 22:18:16 »
Thanks both for link and your hard work! Take care and good luck!

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Re: Function pack
« Reply #14 on: 27 Jun 2017, 22:03:54 »
This is the version 2.5: fast, smart and clear.