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Author Topic: Ai Respawn after all dead and team leaves area.  (Read 1591 times)

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Ai Respawn after all dead and team leaves area.
« on: 13 Mar 2013, 23:59:34 »
Title might be a tad confusing, I am here to explain!

Creating a basic training mission, using UPS as a base for the Ai to work with. Now! The idea I have is simple, get your team, work on a way to take down the Ai and then leave. When you leave, the Ai will respawn and all scripts will bolt back in to work allowing you to go again when you are ready.

So quick summary.

  • Players enter area, eliminate enemies.
  • Once done, a trigger will sound telling them to leave the area for a reset.
  • The reset will clear up all dead bodies within it's radius and reset all Ai and have them re-engage their UPS scripts.

This'll allow for a dynamic training mission, as UPS will mean the Ai will be in different locations/terrain/etc and means that they must be dynamic with their fighting in order to beat the Ai. Especially on a harder difficulty.

Clearly, I should search first and shall do so now. But I feel this might be a bit more of a unique questions, so I felt it fit to ask as well. Hopefully I can get some help, because I have no idea where to begin here.


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Re: Ai Respawn after all dead and team leaves area.
« Reply #1 on: 14 Mar 2013, 02:10:36 »
Just use the marker areas that are required by UPS to respawn units to them.

One trigger to cover the AO, that detects opfor absence.
A trigger to detect when the player(s) have returned to the start point(s)
A spawn script which places groups back in their respective areas and executes UPS.