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Author Topic: Mission Submission Standards  (Read 1385 times)

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Mission Submission Standards
« on: 07 Mar 2013, 04:39:00 »
Welcome to the OFPEC Beta boards. Our purpose is to help you complete your project by providing helpful, thorough feedback and at the same time maintain a higher community standard for which others can depend on. Heres how you can help...

  • The Thread Title must contain the mission type and name only (NO clan acronyms)
  • The First Post must contain the mission version, required addons, mission description and known bugs
  • Your Mission Download must be attached or linked in the first post only(this includes updates) and accompanied by a ReadMe
  • Please Respond to all Feedback offered by beta testers
  • Do Not Insert "Please Review" in the title until the mission has been tested in our boards
  • Check Your Links Often to ensure that they are working
  • Do Not Abandon Your Mission in the boards. If you no longer wish to work on it, please notify us
  • Inserting an ingame Screenshot on the first post may help to entice nonstaff testers

Often times, folks get busy with real life and can't get to your Beta straight away. Please be patient and again, thank you for using OFPEC.

Folks around here are testing your mission as a courtesy toward you. Please consider returning that courtesy and testing some of the other submitted projects that are awaiting feedback. Happy testing.
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