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Author Topic: Help with the Installing Visitor3 Visitor RC3  (Read 1088 times)

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Help with the Installing Visitor3 Visitor RC3
« on: 22 Dec 2012, 15:10:00 »
 I am having trouble with the part about the P:Drive. I know the  "P" doesnt matter aslong as it is a "Drive" Is there someoneone that can give an empirical way to explain the explanation from page 14 of  "Installing Visitor3 Visitor RC3". Where they specify "Now RightClick and Cut the folders which you extracted from the ADDONS folder in the Arma directory TO the CA folder on the P: Drive, (There they didnt explain how to create the "P Drive" but assumed some knew)." I dont know how to do that,lol. I understood the binshade error in the Radiant years back but lost here.  Thank you..

               I hope this was in the right place, thank you.  Tony.

                  ??? :whistle:   :blink:   :-[   I see it I over looked it was in my documents  :shhh: sorry yall.
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