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Author Topic: [COOP] Zargmout v1.3  (Read 1995 times)

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[COOP] Zargmout v1.3
« on: 02 Jul 2012, 16:03:57 »
Author: Rejenorst
Version: v1.3
Required Addons: ARMA:OA
Number of players: 16
Mission link:http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=17073
Mission Description:
Insurgents in Zargabad stormed the U.S. embassy and in the process killed several staff members. The perpetrators are believed to be hiding in Zargabad at different locations/safe-houses within and around the city. Your task as part of a delta force unit is to eliminate the leaders of the insurgency. Beware! The enemy is keen for a fight and resistance may be fanatical.

Note: Circular markers present the assumed whereabouts of the 3 Insurgent leaders within a 100 meter radius/diameter. You may get lucky or you may have to search the houses in the area while under constant threat of enemy attack.
Author's notes: A few people have asked me to make a coop version of my SP Martyrdom mission. While this is not the same mission (its coded from the ground up), it has plenty of similarities but is tailored to COOP. This mission is best played with a minimum of around 2-4 players. The difficulty varies but can be extremely challenging as the Enemy will hunt you down and lay down suppressing fire from rooftops thus often keeping you pinned down. Enemy units are constantly displacing, sometimes placing down mortars or static weapons (if they spawned with the appropriate backpack) only to fire a few shells and displace after a short time. I will be adding to this mission as I get time and would appreciate any feedback on it. Thank you.

I'll post a video/screens after next dedicated server hosts and I can join.

- Enemy Patrol buildings, plant bombs,mines and static weapons, and hunt down enemy players within the city.
- Use the UAV terminal in your base to select equipment and to teleport into your team's Stryker, join/leave a player's team or use the (primitive) satellite view to scan the AO.
- Vehicles currently in mission: Blackhawk, littlebird, 2 HUMVEE Jeeps with M2, 1 Specops HUMVEE, 1 motorcycle, 1 Bradley tank, 1 Stryker M2.
- Voice communication menu,
- Enemy Mission targets spawn in completely random locations each time the mission is run. (Enemies initially spawn completely randomly inside buidling, afterwhich they spawn outside of town.
- Norrin's revive script.
-A bit of ambiance (Civilians that scream and run when you shoot near them etc).
-Call in Airstrikes (once every 1000 seconds).


*Fixed Client side Task script causing tasks not to be listed as done and causing the wrong marker to disappear. This has been fully tested today and now and seems to work fine. (Was a stupid, easy to fix mistake which I should have noticed earlier).
*Extended all unit respawn times for better mission pacing and easier difficulty
*Added smoke grenades as part of the UAV menu
*Fixed a bad use of exitwith in the enemy ground squad scripts.

*Fixed CIV AI script. Spawned civs where not being placed into the global civ array for use with the civ patrol script.
*Added Button for GP25 grenade selection
*Mortars will no longer fire on players that are more than 30 meters above the ground. (Mortars where previously targeting helicopters).

*Fixed enemy units congregating around the edge of the city and doing nothing. they will now spread out around the city until the script moves them into buildings.
*Fixed small pistol select issue. Choosing a pistol now automatically removes all equipment first so select it before a primary weapon. (Its a work around for now).
*Enemy ground squads will occasionally send men into the building your in/closest to.
*Enemy units now occasionally spawn and use static weapon backpacks. Mortar units will fire 1-5 shots then displace to another location while other static weapon units will setup and displace every 500 seconds.
*Enemy units will now plant mines as well as detpacks.
*Added Bradley tank and motorcycle to respawnable vehicles at FOB.
*Added ability to call in airstrike once every 1000 seconds.
*Added more polish to briefings/credits mission startup.
*Bunch of small scripting fixes.
*Added Norrin's revive script (Team leader unit can create mobile respawn point).
*Enemy ground/attack squad numbers doubled based on difficulty feedback.
*Adjusted 1 enemy spawn location which was to close to Zargabad.

*Enemy respawnable ground squads will now increase based on player number (needs testing as I don't have that many friends who have ARMA2:OA).
5 players and above will spawn 2, 9 players and above will spawn 3 making the maximum AI unit count around 120.
*Players can now grab M203 and hand grenades from the UAV terminal at base.

* fixed Camera jerkiness for Satellite camera. Should be much smoother now.

* fixed setgroupid error on player spawn. (each player has a callsign now at start of game. If players leave a group they will not have a callsign, was having trouble getting that command to work globally.)
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Re: [COOP] Zargmout v1.3
« Reply #1 on: 01 Nov 2012, 16:54:19 »
Have released version 1.5 of this mission. See changelog for changes.

Also I made a version without enemy and player respawns:

I also lowered enemy accuracy levels to a maximum of 50%.

Revive scripts are not supported in this one and instead it uses ARMA2 first aid simulation module.
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