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Author Topic: [MP COOP 1-9/A2CO] Zub - Dynamic Mission (1.0 version available now)  (Read 2504 times)

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Mission Description:
We have located the stolen journal in Chernarus held by insurgents. Your team will take part in undercover operation to get that back by working together with NAPA and CDF.  

Key Features:
-Dynamic mission using whole Chernarus map
-Dynamic life generator for enemy/friendly units (patrols, scouts, camps, towers, slow/fast-reinforcements, support vehicles)
-Enemy groups communicate to track player's position, offering still change to flee unnoticed
-Random positioned dynamic tasks to give different feeling for the mission every time
-Much optional, but meaningful tasks included
-All tasks have effect on generating scripts or/and bigger tasks
-No HighCommanding, AI groups instead.
-Random events
-Much improved heavy dynamic civilian/animal ambient life
-Many Custom gameplay elements (Smoke signals, dynamic reinforcements...)
-Friendly AI groups fighting with player depending on relationship values
-Made with Perfomance Friendly Methods

Download MP version:

Change Log:
-Added TPWCAS and TPWLOS by TPW && -Coulum- && fabrizio_T (Can be enabled via MP parameters)
-Added russian tasks (the alternative hidden path to end the mission)
-Added ACR tasks
-Added civilian tasks
-Added custom civilian/soldier talking system (available for team-leader)
-Added custom AI functions (AI hears players movement, animal/civilian noises, voices by SavedByGrace)
-Added empty vehicles module (cars unlocked via civilian tasks)
-"Ambient house effects"-script follow now every player
-Many other scripts now follow every player
-Smoke signals now work and for every player
-Updated civilian/animal/enemy&friendly camp generateing scripts
-AI uses camp mortars now sometimes
-Weapon crates fixed
-Added "hidden"-weapon crates
-Stringtable updated (thx Kommiekat & SavedByGrace for corrections)
-Added timesaving Zonekiller-client method for many things (thx Zonekiller)
-Much other tweaks, fixes and things from the latest SP version
-Let me know if you find any issues. Feedback is always welcome

Notes (current issues) for COOP version:
-Teamleader is only one that can communicate with task targets (speak to characters, launch tasks...)
-When moving far away from other players, villages have full life only for team-leader
-Same for Village events
-Many other life is multiplied with amount of players moving 700m away from rest of the players (not exact description). Better to play as group, but if sending recons they also see life.

3rd Party Scripts:
-Dynamic weather script by Engima (+ volumetric fog effect by BIS)
-Mando Missiles Script by Mandoble
-Surrendering script borrowed partly from USPMON (by Mondasa & Kronzky)
-OilFire script from CE5A_Sandstorm.Takistan (by sxp2high or BIS?) - modified
-Revive System by Norrin
-SavedByGrace, Nettrucker, Rejenorst, Ruebe, Zonekiller, Celery, Zipper5, Gossamersolid, Mad_Cheese, Undeceived, Orcinus, Djol, Asa, Kommiekat, Richchad

-I44 conversion
-Mission concept copy&pasted and expanded to be used in Iron Front/ArmA3

-Let me know any flaws/issues you spot.

-Keep moving after enemy contact
-Its safer in forests

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New version 1.0 is here. I tried to include almost everything from SP version 2.4. Let me know if you find any issues.