Author Topic: Confused about Global Mapper + Visitor 3 + Sat Images  (Read 1999 times)

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So i got the DEM files for a location i want to make for a map imported them into Global Mapper then changed the options so its UTM and the correct geographical location. I also grabbed all the images for the location by using universal maps downloader and it made all the images 1 big photo.

First Part
Downloaded the Sat Files DEM from

Imported into Global Mapper

Created a line shape to use some of the map i generated from the
dem files and exporting the xyz file to import into visitor 3

Downloaded Images with Universal Maps Downloader

Combined Images into 1 Big Map.

so now what i am lost when it comes to making everything else works. the tutorials i have read there is so many of them and so many variations i cannot wrap my head around it anymore. someone here who has created a map can you tell us a readers digest version of just getting a map placed into the game.

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Re: Confused about Global Mapper + Visitor 3 + Sat Images
« Reply #1 on: 24 Dec 2011, 12:03:11 »
Wish I could help.
Can only mention that the Guru's in this subject area tend to hang out in the BIS visitor3 subforums.

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Re: Confused about Global Mapper + Visitor 3 + Sat Images
« Reply #2 on: 01 Jan 2012, 21:56:08 »
 What is it your stuck on ?

 First you must decide  what name is of folder structure  in P: drive and if you shall use

 P:\Namespace \your_new_island
 or direct to P

 then you decide  how big in Arma2 you want it and how detailed you can have it  ,the first decision effects the next

 most are between 10 and 40 km square  and consist of wither 10m cells and 20 meter cells for the latter.

   the rest is the Hard piece  but its easier after first attempt :). best adice when adding objects  the colour you select them to show as in visitor is critical , because you will export the image from visitor to form the base of your Mask_loc/lca ( lco 24 bit 4 colours per segment and lca 32 bit if you want extra colour for shading some areas like road edges )
 the tutorials can help from there i believe a config is easy there well documented.

 Your first steps will be to import the xyz to visitor  then export asimage or .pbl
 this will create a text document and heightmap , if the map grid was wrong open this text tdocument and look at grid size and alter it  then open the .pbl and check it ,  then when your happy save as a .pew and begin the journey :)
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