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ADATS Bradley OFP-Version
« on: 02 Sep 2011, 20:28:59 »
Ages ago, I released the ADATS Bradley prototype version for ArmA. During the last weeks, I converted it back to OFP (where the origin of the model was released as sample by BI).

This is the alpha version, so the radar dome will spin until destroyed, only basic scripts for rocket placement is included and the pbo is not binarized.

DL-Link zShare

ADATS Prototype Bradley based Alpha

required addons: none
tested on OFP Resistance 1.96

- none yet, because of alpha state

mission addon name: "modem_m2a2_adats"
Mission editor's container: "West / Armored / M2A2 Bradley ADATS"
Class Name: modem_m2a2_adats

Used Weapons / Magazines:

- Model based on sample from BI
- Magazine of 8 ADATS missiles

Mission 0_adats.Intro is a little demo to show the ADATS AA capability against incoming jets
(2 ADATS vs. 2 Su25, sometimes the ADATS win, sometime they loose...)

.pbo file is uncompressed for alpha and beta, will be binarized on release. Feel free to reuse what ever you find usefull.

Credits to:
vectorboson for his work (this is intended as a prototype for his chaparal...)
Raedor for his "numbers"-hint
OFP RHS crew for their great mod
Burns, WGL.Q, Serclaes, Sauerbraten, [GLT]Sarge and King Homer for their support and material
WGL mod team ( for their great mod
ACE team (, successors of the former WGL team
BI ( for their sample models
Wikipedia Project ( for additional information

have fun and good luck,

I will not take any resposibility for crashed harddisks, sleepless nights, problems with your boy/girlfriend.
If the included content does not match your expected quality, use the "delete"-feature provided with your operating system...

p.p.s: weapons config:

class CfgAmmo
   class Hellfire {};
   class modem_Adats: Hellfire

class CfgWeapons
   class HellfireLauncher {};
   class modem_AdatsLauncher: HellfireLauncher

class CfgVehicles
   class M113 {};
   class Bradley: M113 {};
   class modem_m2a2_adats:Bradley


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Re: ADATS Bradley OFP-Version
« Reply #1 on: 21 Sep 2011, 00:41:43 »
The inelegance of most number application scripts is a minor bugbear of mine. If you were to change the filenames of the textures to be the same as the digit (ie. 0.paa, 1.paa etc.) you might use the following:

Code: (WEK_AssignNumber.sqs) [Select]
_unit = _this select 0
_number = [0, 0, 0]
goto "getnum"

? time < _mytime: goto "apply"
? (alive _unit): goto "loop"

call format ["_unit setObjectTexture [0,{\modem_adats\n\%1.paa}]", _number select 0]
call format ["_unit setObjectTexture [1,{\modem_adats\n\%1.paa}]", _number select 1]
call format ["_unit setObjectTexture [2,{\modem_adats\n\%1.paa}]", _number select 2]
_mytime = 1 + time
goto "loop"

_ran = random 10
_ran = _ran - (_ran mod 1)
_number set [0, _ran]

_ran = random 10
_ran = _ran - (_ran mod 1)
_number set [1, _ran]

_ran = random 10
_ran = _ran - (_ran mod 1)
_number set [2, _ran]

goto "apply"

Currently the numerals are chosen at random, but any other method should work just as well.

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Re: ADATS Bradley OFP-Version
« Reply #2 on: 02 Oct 2011, 17:53:37 »
Thanks Walter  :)

I have adopted the changes to the actual version. I was rather occupied during the last weeks, but I hope to release a beta version after some MP-tests.