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Author Topic: [Help] O2 UV Mapping  (Read 1981 times)

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[Help] O2 UV Mapping
« on: 08 Jul 2011, 13:31:47 »

Recently i start my own mod project in Arma 2, and i'm still not familiar with o2 and lack of tutorial about this tool. What i want to ask here is about UV mapping, because im in dead end here.

You can see the default UV Image in o2 is looks like this. and in the Filter section it has option to see other part of model UV

(click to show/hide)

but when i start my own project and in the step of texturing, i faced with a problem my UV map is kinda look messed up

(click to show/hide)

And my question here :

1. How to organize my UV Map to be like o2 default UV ?
2. And How to separated my UV (like clothes,hat,and face texture) into filter.

I can't proceed to texturing because my messed up UV map, but previously i try flaten the UV with 3d max and the result is kinda awkward, it's even not like the default o2 UV Map

And this is my recent model i'm working on

I'm sory if its ugly, because its my first time modeling an Military Model
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Re: [Help] O2 UV Mapping
« Reply #1 on: 08 Jul 2011, 16:29:20 »

 Not my best subject but i can try  :).

 first thing how many textures on your model ?

 if more than one then simply select in UV window : Filterby > maintexture > select texture >
 of course even better is to create one big texture this can be done by opening original and expanding canvas from 1024 > 2048 or > 4096  and leave original in middle then copy other textures around edge .

 if you do this bigger texture then in 02 select all and press ctrl A  then ctrl H , this will hide all model , if you have named selections then click on one for example left_arm then press ctrl + left shift and H , this will unhide this section and only this section , then press ctrl E and aplly the name of the bigger texture to it , then open uv map and click filter > name of big texture >  then click select by selection in object , dont forget tho tho dismiss any vertices that can be offset by holding left shift and dragging over them to subtract from selection sometimes you have to Break weld if they are attached ..

 then simply  move the remaining vertices over the correct place in the uv/ texture and so on so forth .

 again there maybe a one button solution or maybe evern unwrella a third party programme is better , i am merely a self taught oxygen chap only :).

I love ofp

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Re: [Help] O2 UV Mapping
« Reply #2 on: 11 Jul 2011, 19:51:01 »
I'm sorry it take time for me to reply..

Thanks for your explanation, it help me big time and for filter thing i understand for a little bit.