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Making missions without focus.
« on: 30 Mar 2011, 21:01:06 »

I've dabbled around with scripting on OFP for I guess... just under a decade now. However I've lost steam, I want to work on a larger project with a group of people. Im a bit lost for initial creativty but I would like to be part of a team making missions as part of a campaign. I know there are some enthusiastic people out there so I was wondering wether I could help out with anyone's projects.

Really I'm looking for some motivation to get a good couple of missions going and test my ability and learn some new things, rather than creating half-arsed missions becasue I know no-one would play them. Any ideas?

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Re: Making missions without focus.
« Reply #1 on: 31 Mar 2011, 02:15:31 »
Count with me!

Just send me a PM telling me your ideas.

Good to see some new people interested in editing with ofp.
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Re: Making missions without focus.
« Reply #2 on: 31 Mar 2011, 03:37:46 »
If you're talking about OFP, you can count with me too :D
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Re: Making missions without focus.
« Reply #3 on: 31 Mar 2011, 09:46:08 »
Moved this here, since it seems more appropriate.

Yeah, which game you thinking about? You posted in the A2 section, but you're talking about OFP.... :)

Wolfrug out.
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Re: Making missions without focus.
« Reply #4 on: 31 Mar 2011, 12:15:08 »
A2.  :whistle:

Yeah, sorry. Was a bit confusing I suppose, just saying I started out on the original OFP:CWC

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Re: Making missions without focus.
« Reply #5 on: 31 Mar 2011, 23:23:00 »
Hey 999chris, if this is for ArmA2, then please have a look at the OFPEC campaign forum section. Since my additional team mate went AWOL I posted all my beta missions to date in the ArmA2 single player beta missions sub-forum where I am still waiting for a reply. Please let me know if you want to join this.



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Re: Making missions without focus.
« Reply #6 on: 01 Apr 2011, 15:18:26 »
For me , the best way to get ideas about how to create a mission is by beta-testing other people's missions.
Where you can see how they did the mission. It is always good to have a PBO decrypter, so that you can dig in their missions for valuable scripts or ideas.

I learned how to make custom dialogs and texts from the mission "Abandoned Armies"
And how to use sin and cos from an example mission whose author I've forgotten.

And it would be good if you tell us in which part of the game you are good at. :)

Cam Scripting (Intro)
Mission Layout (setting camps, putting objects, etc on map)
Other (like voice acting, etc)

I think I'm good at scripting, so I wrote many scripts and post it here and on ArmAHolic.
(But looks like all those stuffs are just piece of junks for the community.)  :D

So if you are unsure about making missions, you can simply write scripts and post them here. But don't do this if you don't find the "fun" in doing this. :good:

If you are willing to cooperate with someone, then I welcome you to participate in my projects in the following positions (of course, only if you wish) :

- Voice Acting
- Making pictures/Screenshots for my mission. (I suck even with MS Paint  :D )
- Mission ideas
- Simple scripting. (I like to script advanced ones myself, and I suck at simple scripting, like making a man to lie down. LOL  :D )

Very busy with life, business, and other stuff. Away from OFP for months. Not sure if I could get back onto it. :(