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Author Topic: Useful Scripts Package by Haroon1992  (Read 1676 times)

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Useful Scripts Package by Haroon1992
« on: 18 Jan 2011, 16:28:40 »
Well, these are my initial release of some of the scripts that are used in my upcoming mission, One Shot Two Kills.

ALL of them are my own scripts.
With these, I am sure you will be able to work faster and smoother.
(But not all of them may suit your taste.Please read "WARNING.txt" for modification options)

Here is the "Script List and Short Description.txt" , included inside the package.


camTracker.sqs   -   track a specific object from specific positions
FPcam.sqs   -   Simulate first person camera for Intros and cutscenes.(With advanced features!)

convoy.sqs   -   simple yet effective convoy script
meeting.sqs   -   easily make a meeting of two units without annoying waypoints and triggers
patrol_script.sqs   -   simple patrol script (to avoid flooding the screen with waypoints)

H_exploder.sqs      - convert any damageable object to explode with fires on the ground and smoke when their damage reached a certain amount   
exploderExecuter.sqs      - easy execution of H_exploder.sqs for objects in which the "HIT" eventhandler can be used.
H_weather.sqs      - weather script with many features.(Random weather is also included.)
vfog.sqs         - create volumetric fog around the player or around ANY object, either moving or still! (color of fog can also be adjusted via the editor)

delayMaker.sqs      - useful to execute scripts after a specific amount of mission time. (also useful for timed objectives)
SafeEjector.sqs      - safely ejects someone without hurting him. (ONLY for land vehicles!)
setRelPosAtoB.sqs      - don't get additional headaches by doing Sin Cos things to put your soldier next to the others, instead use this ultra-easy script!
vehicleDeleter.sqs      - delete a vehicle and all the crew inside it (except the player)

oac (Object Array Creator)
roc (Random Object Creator - already uploaded on OFPEC with the topic "Random Object Creator by Haroon1992")

Very busy with life, business, and other stuff. Away from OFP for months. Not sure if I could get back onto it. :(