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Author Topic: Arma2OA Oxygen and Visitor set up  (Read 3342 times)

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Arma2OA Oxygen and Visitor set up
« on: 04 Dec 2010, 15:13:40 »

 Hey All,

 I have  had to take the OA bin data files etc and put them into P :drive to test an Island  , however it seems that if  i now open bulldozer  in Oxygen it re writes the Shaders_DefPS.shdc  in the bin file to 0 kb and errors on mismatch of data , Has anybody sucessfully set up both Oxygen and visitor at the same time  using OA Data files ?

 If so could someone please write a small walkthrough or  point me to one  , Many Thanks


I love ofp

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Re: Arma2OA Oxygen and Visitor set up
« Reply #1 on: 05 Dec 2010, 02:42:40 »
Its only happened to me once.
I just archived the old P drive Bin, Core and Dta and re-De-PBO'ed them all and it was fine.
Not sure that triggered it. Installing a patch most likely ..... after which maybe running the armaoa.exe from O2 triggers a file write.

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External Viewer not found
« Reply #2 on: 17 Mar 2013, 06:46:49 »
Trying to get Bulldozer to work. I had it working last year but have not meddled with it for some time. I Reviewed Gnats tutorials on installing the tools to reacquaint myself with what is what inside the Arma2Work file. And noticed that I did not have the Config file set up inside my Arma2work folder(I thought I had completed that step last year already).
In any case, I copy the config from my Arma2 Folder, which is ArmA2OA.cfg, paste it into the Arma2Work folder, open it and adjust the viewing settings to 80% as the video suggested. Renamed the file. When I attempted to open bulldozer I get this prompt...
No entry '.profilePathDefault'.
I click okay and after it searches for a viewer, I get another error...
Shaders not vaild (mismatch of exe and data?)
"  Click okay and another prompt...
External Viewer: Attach failed. No viewer found.
Would the profile path be returning the error because I am not signed into the default profile but rather another profile in the game?

Edit: I swapped back to default user in game but the prompts still display.

I then open my P drive and spot 3 different cfg files within it. All named something different...
  • Buldozer - 3D_Performance=48387
  • ArmA2Buldozer - 3D_Performance=46875
  • ArmaA2OABuldozer - 3D_Performance=48387

Inside the P drive is another folder entitled P. I open it up and find yet another cfg file.
  • Arma2Buldozer - 3D_Performance=93750

To make matters worse, I open the cfg file that I had just created inside my Arma2Work folder and discover it different as well.
  • ArmA2OABulldozer - 3D_Performance=1500000

So I remove all but the one file inside the P folder on the P drive.."Arma2Buldozer - 3D_Performance=93750"
and restart the buldozer viewer. It displays the same prompts and recreates the first 2 folders mentioned above.

Any clue what I am doing wrong?

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Arma2OA Oxygen and Visitor set up
« Reply #3 on: 08 Jan 2016, 13:11:50 »
After watching both of your videos I have to say great job. Now I want to fly the Frogfoot and get that Arma 3 Mod to play around with.