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AI Manager or sth like this needed
« on: 10 Jul 2010, 21:03:40 »
Hello there!

I've looking for something that could add some replayability to my missions and found AI Manager by 6th Sense. The problem is I can nowhere find working link to this mod/scripts. If someone know where to find the mod it would be pretty cool to know the link.

Even cooler would be if you could give some ideas on how to make patrolling unit that could react to alarms triggered by enemy or player. You know, some guys are patroling around base, but in near city bunch of bad players is attacking so the patrolling guys take truck or transporter and go check what is going on in the trigger alarm zone. If attackers are gone (escaped or have been killed) the patrolling guys are going back to HQ and can react to other alarms.

I know some scripting just don't have idea how to get it together. For now I'm stucked with cycled waypoints and trigger with "On Activation: patrol doMove alarm_trig" things. They are going to the point but are too short in the area and are immediately returning to their "Waypoints".

Thanks in advance!
with regards,