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Author Topic: Unknown Force  (Read 934 times)

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Unknown Force
« on: 09 Nov 2002, 10:10:19 »
Ok picture this if you can.

Your fighting this war and winning. But as the general goes out on this mission he gets attack by anoutherr army no one heard of. It your job as some special force soldier to find him and rescure him from this building. But as your killing the army your allways fought. The unkown army comes out and starts to kick you butt. Now you must escape. From this building.

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Re:Unknown Force
« Reply #1 on: 18 Nov 2002, 04:17:41 »
just one guy?
come on!

O Neil

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Re:Unknown Force
« Reply #2 on: 26 Nov 2002, 06:15:28 »
Yea, you should build on the idea. It's a really good Idea, you could be a black Op etc. And it should be that a general goes out for a confrence or something.

O Neil

PS: If you want me to make a mission or 2 as a building Idea, I could do one, but I won't unless you want me to. ;)