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Author Topic: Admins: Quick question re. your preferences for uploading revised missions  (Read 1177 times)

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Offline Bahger

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Guys, you've been so helpful and encouraging to me through the SP beta testing process, thank you.

I have overhauled my SP mission considerably, for both presentation and payability.  I'm not sure if you prefer people to start a new thread for revised versions of an existing mission already posted on the Beta forum or whether I should start a new thread, could you let me know?

Also, one basic question re. the mission Readme: If this goes in the .pbo, with all the other mission files, how can the player access it?  Please excuse me if I am missing something simple, but where should the readme go?

Thanks again!

Offline Zipper5

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As I mentioned in your thread, just post attached the revised version to the original post of your thread and tell us when you want it reviewed. So long as there's nothing gamebreaking in it, you should see a review ASAP.

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One Thread per project, it is helpful to update your first post to reflect the current version, including a changelog with corrections, fixes and revisions.

The Readme should not be packed up inside the mission. It is standard to copy your mission pbo into a fresh folder, accompanied by the readme. You then rename it to your mission name and version and zip it up for upload.

Please make sure that your Readme is updated to accomodate the current version.

Always remove the older mission versions from the attachments to prevent mix ups.