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Utes Carrier Template for Noobs
« on: 28 Jan 2010, 02:36:08 »
If this is the wrong place to post this, please move to the correct area if you feel some of the newer mission designers (such as myself) could benefit from this example.

The attached mission file is a simple template where the player is the High Commander of 8 Rifle Squads that start as cargo in 4 MV22 Ospreys on the deck of the USS Khe Sanh.

The Ospreys will lift off in sequence and fly to the designated drop zone and parachute from a height of 250 (this can be adjusted to your liking in the first waypoint of each aircraft).

Scripts used: HCA by Mr. Peanut and an eject script I had forever in Arma I and for the life of me cannot find who to credit.

There is a Russian BMP group placed not far from the DZ to show how the aircraft react (they don't) to the threat (use of careless waypoints).

Other features are virtual artillery placed behind the Khe Sanh to simulate naval bombardment (I believe the virtual artillery default to the M119). There is also a map teleport if you want to use it to test your missions and I have the Alpha radio trigger set to repeat so you can "reload" your arty shots. I disabled the secondary missions in the SECOP module.

There are First Aid Battlefield Clearance as well as Simulation modules present for each squad as well.

This is a high command template, so when in game press and hold your left control key and then press your space bar; it may take a few moments for them to come online and for the arty manager to load, but you will have all that ready before the DZ.
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