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Author Topic: Binocs Model  (Read 1601 times)

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Binocs Model
« on: 30 Dec 2009, 13:43:58 »
Hi, i was wondering if there may be a way of change the Binoculars model in game for a modern model instead the same 70s model taken from a Burt Reinolds movie that we've been pulling arround from the OFP?, and also... will be possible to create an addon/replacement that substitutes the binocs model, and make that when we drop the Binocs this model (the modern or the current one) be the one dropped in the ground?, could we do the same with the NVGs so we'll see the NVGs with the head mount instead the generic BIS buttpack that you use to see when you drop an item?. Someone told me in the BIS forum that he was unable of find the binocs model inside the game's files. Let's C ya

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Re: Binocs Model
« Reply #1 on: 30 Dec 2009, 19:05:41 »
Binoculars model is in weapons.pbo, called dalekohled_proxy.p3d.

Should be possible to introduce your own binoculars model, would probably just need to inherit from the standard 'class Binocular', changing values/optics textures to the ones needed.

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