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Author Topic: PMC OV-1 Mohawk  (Read 1523 times)

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PMC OV-1 Mohawk
« on: 21 Dec 2009, 18:50:03 »
PMC OV-1 Mohawk

This is OV-1 Mohawk aircraft addon for ArmA. Original FS model by Tim Piglet Conrad, ArmA port by CheyenneAH56.

PMC changelog:
Code: [Select]
--- fixes
- changed to pmc namespace.
- created Icon\ directory and moved IconOV1A.paa and IconOV1C.paa images there.
- created model.cfg and moved config.cpp proper contents there.
- created s\ directory and moved all scripts there.
- damage textures were broken, fixed.
- deleted shadow lod's as they were completely wrong.
- deleted unused .ogg sound files.
- prettified and fixed config.cpp file.
- prettified model.cfg file.
- removed not suitable killed evenhandler script created wreck.
- added XEH compatibility.
- resaved textures with proper prefixes.
- created whole new low resolution LODs for high performance.
- removed unsuitable mk82 bomb model.
Plus many many other smaller fixes to make this more suitable for ArmA engine.

Original CheyenneAH56 readme:
Code: [Select]
OV-1C Mohawk (US ARMY)


FS version By Tim Piglet Conrad

The persmission of editing the original model was granted by Email by the author, Tim Piglet Conrad.
All Addons are released, without exception, with the prealable agreement of the respective authors.


ArmA Version By CheyenneAH56

Scripts by CheyenneAH56

V 1.0
Greetings for CheyenneAH56 to grant permissions for PMC to fix and upgrade his initial port.

Read online manual: here.

Download PMC_ov1_mohawk_v1.0.rar - 15mb.
Mirror 1: Armaholic.com.
Mirror 2: Armedassault.info.
All mirrors are very much appreciated, thank you.
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