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Scriptors World
« on: 21 Dec 2009, 06:21:53 »
hey community, i recently got back into scripting and making missions etc and making a mission i ran into a problem, i was stuck with 2 options,

1. search the net or the arma editing guide which usually takes a long time until you find exactly what you need.
2. go to a forum and post my problem and wait... wait... wait...

point is, if you run into a minor problem it can take hours to find a solution, so i came up with an idea. i still have a ventrilo server floating around with 25 slots waiting to be filled, so i was thinking, what if there was a ventrilo server where scriptors etc hang out to keep them company while they work on missions, addons etc? that way if people run into problems they could log on and ask the "pros" for tips and support. it would take minutes or maybe even seconds to solve a problem. the vent community could learn off each other while teaching each other, it would be like a database of editing knowledge

that being said, my server is now open to ANYBODY that wants to hop on the server, if you need help or just want to hang out, im looking forward to seeing some people on the server


server name:
port: 4784

thank you for checking this thread
Dog aka Mauro

sidenote, if this thread is in the wrong spot mod's please move it to the right spot? ;)

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Re: Scriptors World
« Reply #1 on: 24 Dec 2009, 02:43:05 »
The problem with using voice comms is that only you and anyone else hearing learns from it. If you post each issue here in the forums with concise information and scripts and even missionettes you will find that someone will answer you quite quickly and by which people who have a similar question will also learn. That is what OFPEC is all about.
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Re: Scriptors World
« Reply #2 on: 24 Dec 2009, 08:07:54 »
yeah def. understandable and nothing wrong with that. i am planning on logging problems that have came up and that have been solved in some sort of data bank, the voice comms is just a quick way of solving things rather then waiting on replies in a forum.