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Author Topic: Moving Respawn after base capture  (Read 4177 times)

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Moving Respawn after base capture
« on: 08 Nov 2009, 18:33:05 »
 Moving Respawn after base capture
Not new to editing, and have done some scripts, but im currently wanting know how to create a mobile respawn/s.

I have a mission that im building where at the begining you have playable infantry roles, and several tanks to choose from.

There are several enemy bases, or areas that you must clear and or destroy, once you do then all of your various vehicles to pick from will spawn at the new "base" same with inf.

I currently use Simple Vehicle Respawn by Tophe for my vehicle respawn which when a vehicle or tank is destroyed it resawns in the position it started at, also it will respawn back at its start location if the vehicle has been abandoned after several minutes..
The mission is big where you would be moving some distances, im trying to shorten that distance so you dont have to travel from where u started just to get back to where you left off.

I know how to create inf and vehicle respawns, but have no idea on how to get them to move to another location after that new location has been captured, and im assuming that i can base the new spawn points off of a trigger like spawn point will move when "enemy is not present" type of thing is what i want to do.


im thinking i might have to use a different type of vehicle respawn as what i said above the vehicles spawn back at where they started.

*how do i setup the markers for the respawns to start

*how do i setup the markers for the new location that will be where all the vehicles, and inf will respawn too?

*what do i put into the triggers that will make the original respawns move to where the triggers are?

I'd like to know how to do this for Arma 2 as well.

thank you in advance.
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Re: Moving Respawn after base capture
« Reply #1 on: 08 Nov 2009, 20:05:05 »
Well an easy way to do it is to create markers at the secondary bases named FOB1, FOB2, etc.
In init.sqf: SEV_curFOB=0;
Create a trigger encompassing your primary base:
Activation: BLUFOR Present, repeatedly
Condition: this && SEV_curFOB > 0
OnAct: {_x setPosATL getMarkerPos format[FOB%1,SEV_curFOB]} forEach thislist;

Create a trigger encompassing each secondary base:
Activation: Seized by BLUFOR, once (with appropiate timeouts)
OnAct: SEV_curFOB=1; (or whatever FOB number)

It will happen as soon as they spawn, so it won't be noticeable. If you want, you could also let them choose which base to teleport to.

There is also a more advanced way of doing it, but it requires you save predetermined coordinates to a script.

Re: Moving Respawn after base capture
« Reply #2 on: 08 Nov 2009, 21:48:53 »
thanks for your reply

In init.sqf:
with this i have to make a sqf file in armaedit?

and if i do what do i save the file as so the init line can read the script?

Activation: BLUFOR Present, repeatedly
what i had in mind was captureing like a town, when all enemy defenses or enemy presence is gone then respawn the base in the town captured

An idea i had too is that when the town is captured that reinforcements will be called and a paradrop will drop a squad of inf to secure the town, and defend it

this is really for going againsted AI as I built a mod that has GL3, and ECS mods as well as many other mods that make the AI intelligent.

when i put the
Code: [Select]
{_x setPosATL getMarkerPos format[FOB%1,SEV_curFOB]} forEach thislist;
i get an error that says: 
Code: [Select]
foreach: type string expected code
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Re: Moving Respawn after base capture
« Reply #3 on: 09 Nov 2009, 19:00:38 »
I forgot the quotes:
{_x setPosATL getMarkerPos format["FOB%1",SEV_curFOB]} forEach thislist;

init.sqs and init.sqf placed inside of the mission directory are always executed automatically.

The first trigger BLUFOR present is only for detecting when someone spawns at your first base but you want them to automatically move them to a captured base so that its as if they spawned there.

The other triggers will be BLUFOR seized by, which essentially means you have to clear out the base, however if you look at the BIKI, you will see that the timeout values on the trigger affect the ratio needed to capture the area. If you simply want OPFOR to be cleared out completely, change the type to OPFOR Not Present. However, even one hidden straggler will keep you from capping.

Re: Moving Respawn after base capture
« Reply #4 on: 10 Nov 2009, 08:14:11 »
the code

Code: [Select]
{_x setPosATL getMarkerPos format["FOB%1",SEV_curFOB]} forEach thislist;still dont work, it asks for a ; i put it before the  foreach, then before the thislist and i get

made it looked like this:
Code: [Select]
{_x setPosATL getMarkerPos format["FOB%1",SEV_curFOB]} ;forEach ;thislist;
and got a message saying this:
Code: [Select]
type string expected nothing==========================================================
I been thinking about how to make a mission based on another game I play.
Game i play with my 187th unit and have been for 3 years now is called Red Orchestra,
heres a gameplay vid that kinda of gives you the idea of how it plays:

when you watch the vid look at the bottem of the screen and you see a bar there, the bar will show up when you enter a capzone, when you enter a capzone, in order to cap it you have to either have more players in the cap or the cap must be empty before a black bar (German), or Red Bar (Russian) moves across and fills the box, once it does that, then a new spawn area shows up closer, all depends on the map.

what i want to do is have this type of cap bar in arma, and arma 2 and have spawns that move to an area i specify, but linked to the capzone im trying to take or have taken.

MAP and Briefing
Also in the game there is a map, on the map it shows what caps there are, and what caps have been taken.
 Id like to have that feature in a briefing. I still dont know how to make a briefing, and complicated as that to show locations of caps and such.

Id also like to have it where the player can choose which weapon or role he wants to play, this is kinda of like the mission for arma called "capture the island" where at the beginning and everytime you die you pick you role , then choose where you want to spawn, but you can only pick where you want to spawn based on what you have capped or captured.

Over all id like to make a template of all these features as well as some other feature which i wont mention for now, but have these features so i can basically create any type of mission i want, i can setup caps anywhere, and place units tanks or whatever anywhere and set them up for respawns and so on.

this is alot to figure out for me and thats whay i ask, but i think just figuring out one thing at a time and goign from there will be best or it will be to much to do.

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Re: Moving Respawn after base capture
« Reply #5 on: 12 Nov 2009, 07:10:42 »
hey, how did you end up on my server?  :D
did you create the FOB markers?
{_x setPosATL (getMarkerPos format[FOB%1,SEV_curFOB])} forEach thislist;
for testing purposes:
{player sideChat typeOf _x} forEach thislist;

Is any of this going to be for ArmA2? It would be easier if I could send you working examples.
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Re: Moving Respawn after base capture
« Reply #6 on: 12 Nov 2009, 10:44:19 »
Hey man!
well i was eating dinner and i was just listening to my guys talking about the game on vent and server they were on, and jaeger he was saying something that Ellen seemed new to the game the way he was talking, so when i got done i just joined them and then i saw you come on and it really didn't come to me at first til we were on smolensk stalemate, and then i asked, and well here we are lol.

we got your server on our fav for RO, you'll probably see us around 6pm central time or later, was fun, but you guys need some work on your tactics. As a Realism unit were used to 1 life macthes. Anyways well show you guys some stuff if your interested, come to our server some time too, jaeger can help you guys configure your server.


for our little project here what i think im going to do is use these missions:
check out the site: http://www.sbs.org.uk/wiki/index.php?title=Arma_AAS
they have these setup for Arma and Arma2, they play similer to RO but i want to change a few things but have no idea how,I made a post here on their forums of what i wanted to do:

but 1st what i need to finish is the AI Request crew for arma, so if you could help me on that one, then we can move on.

we got it working for arma 2 but i need it working for arma, if you can tell me what i need to do,
 i can make a test mission to test out whatever script, and just report back to you what happened even with screenshots or vids if necessary, i have registered version of fraps.

AI Crew Respawn

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Re: Moving Respawn after base capture
« Reply #7 on: 06 Dec 2018, 05:40:26 »
Once again I will visit when I find support.