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Author Topic: Mando Missile ArmA for ArmA2  (Read 27586 times)

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Re: Mando Missile ArmA for ArmA2
« Reply #45 on: 27 Nov 2010, 21:27:03 »
I've been thinking about this for a while, but held off from asking, so I shall ask now:
For CAS and Bomb Runs, you have sadarms and freefall bombs.
Would it be possible to have a rocket attack via plane, such as an A10 firing maybe 10 rockets and flying off?

Just a thought to add.

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Re: Mando Missile ArmA for ArmA2
« Reply #46 on: 13 Dec 2010, 12:22:27 »
You can create such kind of attacks using the carpet bombing custom script, instead of using the bomb launcher, you can force the plane to fire the rockets. Problem is that more than probably the pilot will not be aiming with the nose of the plane to anything.

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Re: Mando Missile ArmA for ArmA2
« Reply #47 on: 18 Dec 2010, 19:37:50 »
New version v2.4b9.4

- Systems added for:
   - ANZAC mod (thanks to Andrew)
   - Pedagne mod (thanks to Jay)
   - Swedish Forces Pack (thanks to Jay)
   - Antonov225,il76,Ka60_GL_PMC,OWG_MI26,ou_ch_53d,ou_ch_46e (thanks to Jay)
   - Battle Star Galactica fighters and transports
   - Mig15s
   - ACE2 A10s and Su34s
   - RKSL EF2000
- GMRLS and MRLS-SAM systems added for MLRS (optinal)
- Dragon and NLAW systems (thanks to Xeno426)
- Nuclear AGM86 and AGM84 systems for Gnat's B52
- Harpoon systems for Gnat's B52
- BAF Lynx full setup
- Laser transmission fixed for units using laser designators different than the default BIS one (Kiowas, Lynx, ...)
- BIS Flares removed automatically
- IRak F14 GBU12 fixed
- MCC Patriot improved to intercept new SCUDs
- New Fallout console to track down fallout areas and radiation levels
- Fallout aeras improved and ability to control fallout times (thanks to E.Echo)
- SCUD console allowing to choose between air burst/ground burst
- SCUD nuclear warhead types 4 and 5 for ground burst and air burst MIRVs
- New mma_b52_test.Takistan test mission (Gnat's B52 addon required)
- New mma_test_mlrs_addon.Chernarus test mission (MLRS as SSM or SAM)
- New mma_galactica.astro412 Galactica Mod units test mission, including tractor bean
- mma_test_nuke_addon.Takistan test mission modified including fallout console
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Re: Mando Missile ArmA for ArmA2
« Reply #48 on: 19 Dec 2010, 18:03:18 »
New version v2.4b9.5

- Setups for A10 fixed.

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Re: Mando Missile ArmA for ArmA2
« Reply #49 on: 27 Dec 2010, 20:22:59 »
New version v2.4b9.6

- Compatibility fix for all the fired missiles and ACE2
- R-SHIFT + MMA HUD Change mode key (L-CTRL by default) to switch to previous HUD mode
- Fix for BOS SeaSparrow launcher, sometimes it tried to intercept its own fired missiles
- RKSL MMA rearming configurations for all the EF2000 weapon combinations
- Gnat's "next bomber" systems and MMA rearming options (more nuclear weapons for OPFOR)
- If NVG were on when activating a TV system, they will be ON again when closing the TV dialog
- Vehicles with engines turned off are now "lockable" as long as they have consumed some fuel
- Gnat's B52 gunner now has CCIP HUD mode for the free fall bombs (usable also from gunner's optics)
- Australians At War (AAW mod) systems for choppers (thanks to Jay)
- ACE's ACE_AH6_GAU19_FLIR flares + navigation HUD
- Myke's MOAB bomb ground and GPS guidance for C130s
- Systems for Lingor's Mig21s

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Re: Mando Missile ArmA for ArmA2
« Reply #50 on: 28 Dec 2010, 11:45:06 »
How do i get the BOS SeaSparrow launchers ? And is there a demo mission for it ?

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Re: Mando Missile ArmA for ArmA2
« Reply #51 on: 31 Dec 2010, 09:44:41 »
BOS CIWS and Sea Sparrow launcher
as well as
JDog's Queen Elizabeth with Phalanx and Sea Sparrow setups.

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Re: Mando Missile ArmA for ArmA2
« Reply #52 on: 20 Feb 2011, 21:44:28 »
New version v2.4b9.7

- Javelin NFOV - WFOV status detection improved
- Javelin dynamic white corners added on locked on targets
- Javelin ACE_Javelin_Direct supported
- Performance boost for TV systems
- MMA Scoring added
- Patriots PAC-1 y PAC-2 added (to be used with BOS launchers)
- TV max zoom level from 15x to up to 78x
- SAM site Control Center (Long Range Radar) Added
- New mission mma_test_samcontrol_addon.Takistan
- NLAW, Dragoon and TOW HUD symbology hidden if not in optics
- Mi24 TVs will not display detected enemies with squares
- Mi24 manual missile guidance now allows users to have a pretty limited AA capability vs slow moving targets
- Evil Echo added scalable nuclear effects and damage, depending on warhead power
- Evil Echo added 3 different fallout areas of different intensities generated by on-ground nuclear explosions (Silicon-31, Iodine-131 and Strontium-90 isotopes)
- Nuclear detonations performing better in MP games
- Automatic missile launchers are now better discriminating the targets
- Added units (most thanks again to Jay)
   - New MAF units (NH90s, Gazelles and Mirage F1s)
   - ACE_Mi24_V_FAB250_RU, ACE_Mi24_V_FAB250_CDF and ACE_Mi24_D_INS systems added
   - p85 and TPS choppers (Mi2, Mi24 and Mi8)
   - CSLA airforce added (L39, Su25, Mig29, Mi8 and Mi24)
   - AFMC units (AH6, MH6, AH1T and A10)
   - New LoBo Iraq Mod units (Mig29)
   - New Myke's units (AV8B2_JDAM, A10_US_EP1_JDAM, Su39_JDAM and Su34_JDAM)
   - Gnat's Tu22
   - New HEXA units (Rafale, Puma)

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Re: Mando Missile ArmA for ArmA2
« Reply #53 on: 22 Apr 2011, 23:18:16 »

I think Mando Missiles is no longer compatible with ACE as far as the Javelin missile is concerned.  There has been a recent change in ACE for the Javelin, now though the Mando Missile scripts lock onto the target perfectly as before, the hits rates have dropped drastically and from my tests now appear to be:

Moving vehicle, top attack = 20%
Moving vehicle, direct attack = 20%
Static/ground target = 0%

Just hope you can cure this as I  rely on Mando Missiles for man portable missile systems.


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Re: Mando Missile ArmA for ArmA2
« Reply #54 on: 12 Aug 2011, 23:14:27 »
New version v2.4b9.9

- Mission designers may set minimum firing ranges for SCUDs.
- AH64 monocle's terraing following lines visible only when flying at low alts
- AH64 TV has less visual "noise".
- New radar control system for Tunguska's commanders.
- Setups for Meatball's F18 pilot and gunner as well as MMA rearming options.
- ACE2 compatibility issues gone and many missing ACE2 systems added (thanks to Crusader and Shuravi-rnd)
- NumK 5 now stops any movement for TV systems.
- TV, MCC, LRR and Support console systems adapted for 3 monitors setups
- Added some optimizations for Echo/Mando nuclear detonation generated fallouts for MP
- mando_no_score global added, if set to any value MMA score menu action will not be present.
- Added guidance mode 6 for portable systems: Optical manual guidance, 3 was for wired manual guidance.
- Fixed MP issues caused by latest official OA patch, where BIS fired missile might not be detected and so not erased, resulting in a MMA guided missiles + an unguided one.
- Some extra systems added, GLT Grippen, Su24 and others, as well as their MMA rearming options.
- Patriot systems PAC1 and PAC2 added to be used with real Patriot launchers (models) or simulated.
- Most still existing "mando_missiles\" fixed paths changed to use the global for mma path to ease up integration with other third party mods. This global can now be set before mma initialization.
- Improvements added to automatic SAMS. Addon makers can now setup firing animations that will be used by the script when firing missiles.
- Minor improvements for the SAM site system, stealth planes cannot be locked on, ECM emitting planes are harder to lock on and to keep the lock.

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Re: Mando Missile ArmA for ArmA2
« Reply #55 on: 04 Sep 2011, 20:11:10 »
New version v2.4b10.0

- MMA ILS added automatically to all the airfields and Utes US Keh Sanh
- TAB in Navigation mode cycles through MMA ILS destinations
- Added 3D on-HUD projected ILS landing paths for most modern planes (see docs)
- Nav mode now displays also current waypoint in most modern planes
- MMA Fire Key in Nav mode opens the waypoint edit dialog (see docs)
- Added a mechanism to add more extra MMA ILS destinations at mission level (see docs)
- Added systems for RKSL Merlin
- MMA XE Autolaunch addon updated (it was not initializing some ACE2 systems)
- MMA No Score addon added, if present MMA score menu action will be hidden
- Signatures changed to v2 for all the addons
- Improved MCC TV performance
- Towing tractor is now a rearming source by default (add them to carriers)
- ACE_B61BombLauncher removed from rearming options

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Re: Mando Missile ArmA for ArmA2
« Reply #56 on: 24 Sep 2011, 20:19:12 »
New version v2.4b10.2

- Highly improved performance for MMA HUD and TV, these of you having locking on problems in overloaded missions should notice it
- MMA TV, MCC, LRR and support console screens selfadjust for any interface size, no more small displays
- Added systems for some missing ACE2 units (thanks to Shuravi-rnd)
- Added rearming configurations for ACE2 Su34s
- Added systems and rearming configs for Duala air units (except UFO)
- Added systems and rearming configs for PRACS air units
- Added systems for CWR demo air and land units
- Nuclear effects performance improved, no more visual problems when detonation happens in large cities
- RKLS STormShadow has GPS targeting again
- Fixed RAH66 Hellfire setup
- Added CWR units MMA setups (thanks to Shuravi-rnd)
- Added CCIP for Mi24 bombs as well as x2 Igla rearming config.
- Fixed mando_airsupport_code_ca was being called for airborne assault instead of mando_airsupport_code_pa

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Re: Mando Missile ArmA for ArmA2
« Reply #57 on: 26 Dec 2011, 20:13:48 »
Can you add the system to Operation FrenchPoint aswell?

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Re: Mando Missile ArmA for ArmA2
« Reply #58 on: 03 Jan 2012, 07:57:19 »
Hi Mandoable,

First off, Great script suite. Love using OA with no addons. I have a question though. When using your test mission (\mma_script_suite.utes) I change the pilot to a Javelin guy to check out the top down weapon guidance. Only problem i seem to be facing is that the weapon does not track. The bog standard Javelin tracks fine but using the demo mission provided in 2.4b102 the missile does not hit the target. As I am not as fluent at scripting as you are I was wondering if you could investigate for your next script based release?

Cheers mate and thank you for your years of OFP / Arma / Arma 2 / OA creative thinking.


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Re: Mando Missile ArmA for ArmA2
« Reply #59 on: 12 Feb 2012, 02:42:20 »
I noticed that when I compile the "mma_script_suite.utes" demo included in the script version folder, the resulting PBO will be just over 5MB. I'd prefer to use the script version but since all I really want out of it is the air support system (console/dialog, etc.), I know there will be fair amount of stuff that, in this case, remains completely unused.

I'm aware of firefly2442's ArmaScriptTrace tool but even assuming that worked exactly as advertised (and it looks like it's been a while since there've been any updates for it), it's my understanding that the tool would still show dependencies that aren't being used since the default script setup initializes everything. I'm not sure what specifically is needed if all I want to do is initialize the air support console at the start of the mission. It'd be nice if I could trim out the unneeded files as that'd mean a much smaller PBO...and presumably a faster/lighter load in-game.

With that in mind, I'm wondering if there's a simpler way to determine the dependencies for Mando Missiles' air support console. Any and all constructive suggestions would be greatly appreciated.