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Hey. I have been trying to figure out the proper syntax for referring to an object on the map- as in an object that came with the map (in this case, a bridge). I can get the object's ID number easily through the editor, but I cannot seem to figure out the proper way to handle it in triggers.

Here is my scenario. I want to have an objective to blow up a bridge. The bridge's ID# is 265791. If it were anything that I put on the map I would simply name that object, then create a trigger set to trip once that object's damage is set above a certain level (say, around .8). However, referring to the object by number seems to be more difficult, and through thousands of threads I have been unable to find an answer to this seemingly simple task.

Please help.

To recap, I need:

A trigger that will set an objective complete upon the bridge (Object ID# 265791) being blown up (or mostly blown up at least).



It turns out someone else had already done most of the work in this forum:

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