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Blacklisting areas
« on: 17 Aug 2009, 14:37:38 »
Can someone show me a working example of a blacklisted area that prevents spawning the random of units using the...

1) Ambient Cilvilian Module
2) Ambient Civilian Vehicles
3) Ambient Animals Module
4) Ambient Combat Manager
5) Secondary Operations Manager

I want to reserve certain areas for my own purposes. I would prefer to use area covering triggers, rather than markers, but I'm prepared to go for any working solution.

EDIT: It appears that any triggers named BIS_arz_1, BIS_arz_2, BIS_arz_3 and so on will keep the trigger area completely free of animals, much like a BIS_acm_1 marker will do for the ACM. The BIS_arz_# method at least seems to keep my airport runway free of animals since yesterday.
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