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Arma II Launcher
« on: 09 Aug 2009, 20:42:34 »

Another tool that I want to share with you.

Here's the readme file:

Code: [Select]
Arma II Launcher
by alimag

=== Quick Start ===

- Click on the [Locate Arma II Executable] button and select the Arma II path. Once the path found, the button text will change to [Launch Arma II]. If you just want to launch plain Arma II then click on it and your done.

- If you want to launch with command line parameters, you can select any of the three that are provided by default (nosplash, world=empty and window) or add others by clicking on the [Parameters] button and selecting [Add Parameter] in the Parameters popup menu.

- Now, it's time to enter your mods/addons. Click ont the [+] button and enter a mod name and path (relative to the Arma folder, not the full path). Repeat for all the mods you want to enter. To launch with mods, simply select them before launching.

- If you want to group some mods so you dont have to select them every time you want to launch in a specific environment, bookmark them. For example, if you want to make/play a mission in the Afghan environment and every time you have to select the Afghan map, Afghan soldiers, Afghan vehicles, Taliban units, and so on...Click on the [Bookmarks] button and select [Add Bookmark] from the popup menu. Create a bookmark, for example, called "Afghan World", select it and select the mods you want to associate with it. Then, click the [B] button to save the selected mods to your bookmark. Now, every time that you select the [Afghan World] bookmark all the corresponding mods will automatically be selected and ready to launch.

=== Note ===

The <default> bookmark is always the one selected when the program starts. It cannot be modified nor deleted and is not associated with any mods. Selecting it will always unselect all mods. Anything else is saved by the program on exit and remembered on the next launch.

That's it. All the other options are self-explained or have ToolTips attached so just put the mouse on them and you'll see what they do.

Have fun!


As usual any feedbacks will be appreciated.


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Re: Arma II Launcher
« Reply #1 on: 10 Aug 2009, 17:29:27 »
Not a bad little app. How about an option to 'clean' rpt files before launch?

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