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Author Topic: Revive Script  (Read 14864 times)

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Re: Revive Script
« Reply #30 on: 15 Dec 2009, 20:09:13 »
I was wondering how to add a respawn point during a mission... ???
In the revive_init of the revive folder there is:
_Base_4 = NORRN_revive_array select 16;
Can I just add in a script:
NORRN_revive_array select 16="airport";
and then launch again the revive_init.sqf script of the revive folder?

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Re: Revive Script
« Reply #31 on: 11 Jan 2010, 00:49:16 »
Revive Script Update Version 0.42

* The "C" key press while dragging bug 
* The invisible man bug - thanks to [KH]JMan and [KH]Cross at Kelly's Heroes
* Removed dependency for _ACE_mod param in revive_init.sqf - ammo respawn now works for both ACE2 and v1.05 without need for this parameter switch - thank you Xeno
* Updated ReadMe

Other Notes
This revive_sqf folder should work with the revive_init.sqf from any missions  made with revive versions 0.3+ so if you need to update your mission because of the "invisible man" bug just swap the revive_sqf folder in your mission with the one in the archive.

The "invisible man" bug
Wow this was a hard one - here's what I think may have been happening but remember I'm only guessing now.

The previous versions of the script generated a global variable that was transferred across the network that contained a list of the weapons and the magazines that a player was carrying when he fell unconscious as well as a couple of other parameters.
Code: [Select]
_body setVariable ["NORRN_unc_array", [_dir, _offset, _magazines, _weapons, _revive_damage], true]; As you can imagine this array list of magazines and weapons would be quite large (as it lists each mag etc by name) and therefore a huge variable (containing an enormous amount of information) was being transferred across the server network.

In the mission that Jman found that worked the lists of magazines and weapons in the NORRN_unc_array variable were empty as some other code added by the mission maker was taking care of  weapon respawn, therefore, the NORRN_unc_array variable was quite small.

So why was this a problem, now be warned the rest is just guess work,   depending on certain internet connection conditions, such as your bandwidth, speed of connection and line quality (any combination of these factors) it appears that sending this huge variable across the network was causing desynch between the client's PC and the server, which in turned caused the "invisible man" bug.  This desynch problem seems to only occur for a very small number of revive users and whatever was changed in ArmA2 v1.05 seems to have exacerbated this problem.

So the moral of this story is do not send enormous variables (especially ones that contain lots of strings) across the network. 

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Re: Revive Script
« Reply #32 on: 16 Jan 2010, 10:27:13 »
i need some help finding where the error is.

the problem is selecting how many revive i like to have in game

if i select 5, 7, 10 or 20 i only get 2 life's infinite life and no revive is working

i am using 0.42 and the only thing i have changed is

_can_revive                = "soldierEB";      //array no.18

_can_be_revived             = "soldierEB";      //array no.20 

_medic_1                  = "RU_Soldier_Medic";   //array no.76 - Used in conjunction with

the players are Insurgents

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Re: Revive Script
« Reply #33 on: 13 Jul 2010, 03:34:28 »
Edit new version is up (0.46)
See here for more info: http://forums.bistudio.com/showpost.php?p=1688028&postcount=539

Hopefully adds compatibility with OA back-packs amongst other things and rationalises the SP/MP versions into a single suite of scripts.


Edited 18/07/10
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Re: Revive Script
« Reply #34 on: 06 Apr 2011, 12:59:16 »
I want to thank norrin for the making of his script

What I tried to do is make (in our PvP template) Mobile Spawnpoints..

I have no luck with that so far..

The simple PvP Norrin script I used.. Using the one revive.sqf file.. but that is totally not working for me..

It is working.. but then without spawnpoints..

Only base_east and base_west are useable

But If I use the Norris version of the PvP template with two revive sqf's(for each side) I can use the mobile spawn point.... Problems is only that that one has the "ghost" bug and the light version doesnot have it..

So my question is..

I want to have (with the I44 mod) one base spawn and one mobile spawn (on a player) for BOTH sides..

How can I make this happen