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Author Topic: Building Vanilla - Capable missions with QG installed?  (Read 1053 times)

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I've just picked up ArmA gold edition for an absolute bedrock price, but since I'm in the middle of projects, and don't really like the idea of building QG-only missions, I was wondering what i'd have to do to make my missions QG-free. I know the QG calls upon the folder "DBE1" when you run QG normally, but the problem is that a lot of QG-only addons aren't in this folder, only in the main install. eg. Porto, a few of the addon vehicles, etc.

So, in order to make a vanilla mission is it a simple case of moving (or swapping out with Vanilla) these addons out of the main install and into DBE1? (will that cause unknown problems?) also, does anyone know whether QG makes any alterations to the base game files which may also cause a problem in reverting back to a vanilla-esque state?
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Re: Building Vanilla - Capable missions with QG installed?
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As long as you don't have the DBE1 folder activated and don't use any Queen's Gambit-only islands (Porto & United Sahrani) then the mission will be Queen's Gambit-free.

I swap between QG and vanilla ArmA often for online purposes and have no issues. Issues only pop up when I open a mission that requires QG, of course.