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Author Topic: Reason for Time Pressure  (Read 1873 times)

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Reason for Time Pressure
« on: 13 May 2009, 06:40:39 »
Hi All!!

I'm in the process of making a Team Deathmatch similar to paintball. and I'd like to put time pressure on one or both teams. But I seem to be stuck at finding a valid reason for the teams to expedite. I know I might be being a bit too ..uhm.. whats the term..? meticulous with sense of purpose or something. But I'd just thought I didn't want the teams going about playing hide and seek or something.

To start it off, I got here a bunch of ideas, although I keep finding reasons to get them invalid...

1. A bomb is ticking away that will blow away a good part of a town or something. One team has to defuse, the other team has to make sure the bomb goes off. Nice concept but I don't easily buy the idea that a lot of guys sticks with the bomb just to watch it go off in their face.

2. A scud launcher is about to launch. A team has to stop it, the other team makes sure it launches. Somewhat too common; a scud launcher is not too easy to hide, can be stopped from a distance with RPG or LAW, (well, I would prefer that the attacking team needs to approach to objective) or higher command can just send an airstrike or something.

3. Most plausible I got is that a hacker managed to hack something and is currently uploading sensitive information before he gets killed. One team has to go stop the computer from completing the upload, the opposing team makes sure otherwise.

4. A team is holding hostage a VIP. They want to have a certain prisoner freed by the authorities within a certain deadline before they execute their hostage. A bomb might also be strapped on to the hostage that goes off when the deadline isn't met.

So which of these ideas might be most valid? or any other ideas for putting time pressure would be most welcome. Thanks! Cheers!!

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Re: Reason for Time Pressure
« Reply #1 on: 13 May 2009, 15:59:51 »
Conjure a background story....
The players are prisoners, bound within the confines of an arena. The tower guards and Prison warden enjoy the entertainment of putting prisoners against each other. The game has become so large that they charge money to outsiders to watch. If prisoners become idle for too long one or two things could happen..
#1 The guards themselves could start shooting at the idle one, which would reveal his position or kill him one.
#2 Each prisoner wears an ankle, bracelet or collar which begins to slowly beep...the longer the prisoner remains idle, the beep increments shorten eventually ending in one long beep followed by a grenade blast, killing the player.

Thats a darn good reason to keep moving.
Oh and how about a title?  I remember a movie from the 70's called "Kill or be Killed"

If that does not sound good to you....I liked the computer ideas of yours the best.

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Re: Reason for Time Pressure
« Reply #2 on: 14 May 2009, 18:09:09 »
I agree and say that it's all about creating the right background story/atmosphere to the mission.
Bombs are a time honoured way of creating a time limit but to be honest it's been done to death.
I like the computer idea. In fact I've used a variation of it myself recently in a mission I'm making that has several computers dotted around the target area, they all have something on them but only one has the document you need.
I like the VIP idea also, it reminds me of Escape from New York where ol' Snake Pliskin had to retrieve time sensitive materials.
Another very ropey scenario (just like above mentioned movie) is that your team was on a mission behind enemy lines and was exposed to some biological agent at a secret facility and must fight it's way back through the front line for the vaccine.

Anyway, it's all in how you present the situation.

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Re: Reason for Time Pressure
« Reply #3 on: 15 May 2009, 04:40:23 »
That hostage/VIP idea, I think I was imagining a scene off the movie Airforce 1(?), where the president's plane is high-jacked with demands to release a certain terrorist leader.

The prisoner idea sounds good. Although it would feel a bit different if they're given an objective other than just to survive. Like they're given a sense of purpose or something. But the prisoner idea is great in that it's kind of like Gladiator. :good: Having timebomb bracelets or collar should be best if they're using modern weapons, otherwise they could revolt and shoot the guards, especially if they're given high-powered weapons. (and I do intend to provide high-powered weapons. LoL)  >:D

Although come to think of it, a revolt could be a bonus.  :scratch: Yeah. They're in a wide arena, a desert or something with guards scattered about the perimeter. One team must annihilate the other team in a set time or both teams are to be executed. However if a team wins, they just get sent right back to jail to battle another team in another match. Pretty dull prize, huh? Ahhh... But the catch is (and neither team knows this) that both teams have the possibility of working together to defeat the guards and escape the island. Then everyone wins! Hahaha! Its like an MP-Coop disguised as a Team Deathmatch! LoL!!! Wow!! I like! I like!!  :clap:

Ey, but I guess its getting to be a totally different story than the one i started out to make. Hehehe. But I'll be reserving that for another mission. (Maybe I shouldn't have revealed the secret.. :shhh: i just spoiled the story for anyone who reads this. LoL) Anyway, going back to the original plan, I think I'm gonna be sticking with the hacker story. Truth is, the only problem I got with the hacker story is that I've done it already in a mission. Although I haven't completed it yet but I'll probably be posting it here when things go well with the beta tests with the gang.

So, for now, hacker it is. But i'm still keeping it open for new suggestions.
Thanks for such great ideas!! You guys rock!  :good:

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Re: Reason for Time Pressure
« Reply #4 on: 16 May 2009, 08:29:40 »
How about a battle Royale game?

Have a small island, same principle (to kill and be the last to survive). Have new danger areas announced and these collars / bracelets self destruct in those areas......

Now that would be cool!

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Re: Reason for Time Pressure
« Reply #5 on: 18 May 2009, 06:00:27 »
We've been playing flagfightguns and it was fun for a while. I guess it was the only deathmatch game we've enjoyed. Although eventually we got bored with it after a while.

I've heard of Battle Royale. Never seen it but I got an idea of its concept. Although that would be just for Deathmatch type game. Although that would probably be what one gets if we were to implement that collar or bracelet idea. Except we'd just have to adapt or modify it for team play. But even with just deathmatch i suppose its a good idea.  :)