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Helicopter landing question
« on: 21 Apr 2009, 15:02:39 »
Fellas, I've dug for and asked about this in the past, but still no joy.  Any help much appreciated.

In ArmA Gold, I'm trying to get my choppers to come in straight, fast and low, disembark their guys, and take off straight and low.  But no matter what I try, my helicopters always turn at about a 40 degree angle to land, and then also angle up and off when they lift away.  Which sometimes leads to implausible crashes.  The mando_heli script does not seem to help in any way here.

If someone has this problem licked, please let me in on the secret!  TIA

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Re: Helicopter landing question
« Reply #1 on: 02 May 2009, 15:03:00 »
You may try to:
1 - Set the flying height low
2 - Add a WP before the landing one, and about 100m away.
3 - Set the landing WP with limited speed.
4 - Add a WP just after the landing WP, about 100m away and in the egrees direction, and reset the speed to normal there.