Author Topic: Any1 remember Sam Gerad?  (Read 623 times)

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Any1 remember Sam Gerad?
« on: 03 Nov 2002, 11:06:13 »
Hey guys
I expect u remember Jahve working on his Sam Gerad - CIA campaign that so many of you were looking forward to and sadly well he sort of had a prob with his comp. I was talking to him the other day and I said why dont you start Sam Gerad again he said: "well ive got all the missions up 2 number 8 im missing number 9 and the outro" i thought hmmm and then i guessed that most ppl ahv resistance so it wud b no good foing mission 9 again. So i said well we could make one for res or start something new so at the moment me and Jahve are gonna b working on this new thing. John Mason i think LOL if u remember the film The Rock John Mason is sean connerry LOL.
O well uve got something diferent 2 look forward 2 now and it aint Sam Gerad
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