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Author Topic: A-10 HUD?  (Read 3489 times)

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A-10 HUD?
« on: 09 Jan 2009, 17:43:15 »
Sorry if this is the wrong section but I wanted to try find a solution for this. I just noticed this when peering extremely hard at the screen during a simulated CAS run...I always thought the HUD for the A-10 looked a bit "empty"...took a screenie and changed the levels in PS and I see there is a fully functional HUD lost in the opacity



Is there any way to get those HUD elements to have less opacity so I can actually see them normally ? They are very useful to a pilot and although not essential to play ARMA they would be useful. The HUD for the harrier etc look fine, just seems to be the A-10

Not modded for ARMA before but have had quite a long history of modding in general. Found the actual HUD file in Addons/A10.pbo/Data/a10_hud1024_ca.paa opened it up and it is the correct file, however the opacity in the alpha channel is set to full (white) so it appears the opacity of this HUD element is being controlled by a? I think it is somewhere in the config.bin for the A-10 maybe. Have converted it to cpp and have found a couple of alpha entries, although changing them doesn't seem to effect the part of the HUD im attempting to change. Have managed to change the colour of the text on the HUD to white, but still can't see the additional elements.

Also I wanted to ask if I do manage to alter this, will I be able to play online without getting kicked ? I don't fully understand the whole precedure of getting your addon "signed". Or would this just be client-side and not require a signed file for it?