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modded Warfare Error?
« on: 14 Jun 2008, 12:18:14 »
I needs some help with a script :dunno:

Ive Modded a vs. of Warfare 1.0, added some units, some weapons, and boosted the RACS in it. It seems to run very stable but I keep getting this Error pop up.

__________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____
'...rType = _soldierType};

_leader = _team |#|CreateUnit [_leaderType,_position,[],0.5...'
Erro Type Any, expected String
__________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____

So far Ive only been able to find 1 sqf that has a line like that, its in the Server/AI/AITownDefenses.sqf, the part that it refers to is this:

_opposingSide = East;
_soldierType = WSOLDIER;
if (_side == East) then {_opposingSide = West;_soldierType = ESOLDIER};

_team = CreateGroup _side;

//If defense type is a vehicle then make the leader a soldier & move into vehicle.
_leaderType = _unitTypes Select 0;
if (!(_leaderType In soldierUnits) || _defensesOnly) then {_leaderType = _soldierType};

_leader = _team CreateUnit[_leaderType,_position,[],0.5,"FORM"];
_leader SetSkill 0.5;
[_leader,_position,50] Call PlaceSafe;
_position = GetPos _leader;
[_leader,_side] Call InitUnit;

if (!_defensesOnly) then

Anybody see anything wrong here or know exactly what the error means? Ive noticed that ive never seen any town defense group being created for the west side.

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Re: modded Warfare Error?
« Reply #1 on: 02 Apr 2009, 23:58:54 »
It looks like your variable _team doesn't contain the type of unit being created, such as "SoldierWG". The system doesn't know what type to create.
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