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Author Topic: Bunkers and Fortresses (ACCEPTED)  (Read 3018 times)

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Bunkers and Fortresses (ACCEPTED)
« on: 18 Apr 2008, 00:12:26 »
I have been working on some custom bunkers and fortresses and testing them against large numbers of enemies, so far they are all effective.  Remember that these fortifications are usable only by AI units as these is no realistic access to them (unless BI come up with a climb over sandbag fix).

Additionally, all units armed with explosive rockets carry an additional 50 so they wont run out of ammo and thusly will have a more static defense effect.

The fortresses are towering buildings which contain nine units or another which holds only one (in which case it is more of a tower than a fortress.  These are highly effective against tanks and aircraft due to the concentrated firepower.

The bunkers are less effective at close range unless there are more than one put together, however they have a good firepower but weaker due to reduced cover.

I have attached an sqm file containing all five varieties but you can modify them as you like.  Be warned however that the fortresses might be more CPU demanding, but i will give details for each one which images.

The two attachments are as follows: Turrets.intro which contains all five buildings, and then theses the demo file which shows you the effect of six AA Fortresses bringing downed a LOT of camel fighters like theres no tomorrow.


Nine AT Soldiers.

CPU demanding, recommended that you use no more than about two in any local area.


One AA Soldier

Less CPU demanding, you can happily use this to beef up the corners of your base.


Seven AT Soldiers

Have as many as you like.


Seven Marksmen Soldiers, tested, but not very reliable.

Have as many as you like.


32 AT Soldiers, and five AA Soldiers,  4 AT Fortresses with an AA soldier on the top, and a center tower with an AA Soldier on the top.

Highly CPU demanding, recommended you only use one and make it a core part for your mission.

PS, the platforms they stand on stick out i know, but on reflection, they actually look quite good.

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Re: Bunkers and Fortresses
« Reply #1 on: 20 Apr 2008, 23:00:50 »
Hehe... quite funky, reminded me of Garrys mod for a second there.   :whistle:

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Re: Bunkers and Fortresses
« Reply #2 on: 27 Apr 2008, 22:33:29 »
Looks cool.  Good job on stacking and placing so it looks seamless.  Too bad they can't be blown apart piece by piece!!! 

If you want to eliminate the ramps sticking out, you can use the "OBSTACLE_SADDLE" object for your floors.  These are long strips of concrete, about 1 foot wide, and 10 feet long.  Your structures are large enough that the long side would be hidden inside the structure.  Another option might be to use ammo boxes for floors.  This might also keep the soldiers fully loaded.

Pallets would be better sized standing platforms, but haven't worked for me (too jumpy, collision sensitive I guess).  I wish BIS had created a man-sized invisible platform for placing men in the air (snipers in trees, for example).
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Re: Bunkers and Fortresses
« Reply #3 on: 30 Apr 2008, 18:47:46 »
Both example missions depend on something called RAE_sandbagFix, I see no reference to that dependency in first post, not any link to that addon.