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Dismount drill (ACCEPTED)
« on: 07 Jan 2008, 09:39:00 »
This is my first public release of anything connected with ARMA or OFP and I want to stress that I'm neither guru-scripter nor military expert. The script is quite simple. Its aim is to simulate dismount drill for the AI (AFAIK there were no similar script released). It was inspired by reading dsylexi's article (Dismount Drill section - you have a nice ilustration there) and thinking which of described there points could be introduced in the game.
- Script written and tested on 1.09beta. AFAIK should work on all the previous versions of ARMA.
- Demo mission do not require any unofficial addons nor Queen's Gambit expension.
Examples of execution - type: [_group, _vehicle] exec "LECH_dismount.sqs" or [_group, _vehicle, [_radius, _arc, _countVehicle]] exec "LECH_dismount.sqs" in on Activation field of a waypoint, trigger or in a script.
_group - a group that should dismount.
_vehicle - vehicle from which the group should dismount.
[_radius, _arc, countVehicle] - optional parameter for custom settings. If the parameter is not provided default values will be used.
_radius - radius of the circle that dismounted units will format (default value: 7).
_arc - arc that dismounted units will cover (default value: 360).
_countVehicle - determine if a part of the arc will be covered by the vehicle itself and do not need to be covered by dismounted infantry. If set to 0 the vehicle will not be counted as one of the units covering the arc, if set to 1 the vehicle will cover the same part of the arc as every other dismounted infantry solder (default value: 1).

Known bugs:
-no so far

- some APC are recognized by the script and custom values for disembarking are used (although they maybe should be changed).
- speed of group's dismounting depends on skill of its units.
- if a group is embarked on multiple vehicles only units from vehicle pointed by the script will dismount.

Possible improvements:
- adapting the script to be used with troops dismounting from helicopters (I'm not sure how to do it yet - how to force a heli to hover on Move waypoint without giving him Transport Unload waypoint).
- adding more vehicles. I'm not sure if such a drill is used when dismounting eg trucks (generally: soft vehicles). Also provided vehicle-specific values maybe should be changed?

With regards,

PS. Not a good place to ask but as I finally released something I thought about getting a tag for myself but I can't do it. It says that I have to be registered to add a tag. I thought I was registered and logged in...

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Re: Dismount drill
« Reply #1 on: 09 Jan 2008, 01:11:29 »
Thanks for making this resource Lendrom, so far so good when i tested it.  I will ask someone senior to me on Ofpec about the Tags...

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Re: Dismount drill
« Reply #2 on: 09 Jan 2008, 05:04:10 »
Bedges told me that he had resolved the tag problem this morning, so that shouldn't be an issue any more.
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