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Author Topic: (Review Complete)[SP] The Package  (Read 2912 times)

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(Review Complete)[SP] The Package
« on: 04 Jan 2008, 19:19:17 »
The Package
Version: 1.00

Type: SP
Addons: none

Mission Summary:
A special package has to be delivered to our base in Cayo. Stay sharp, the roads are in the hands of SLA forces.

Credits: mandotimer.sqs by Mandoble
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Re: [SP] The Package
« Reply #1 on: 11 Jan 2008, 21:40:43 »
Quick, no-frills review:


Works fine, promo pic + readme + mission. Might I suggest all no-frills missions have a standard copy-pasted installation instruction that goes with it (Put the .pbo file in your main ArmA folder in Missions...or something)? Just an idea.

Overview no picture, but there's text. Briefing works.


Reminded of that one official ArmA campaign sidemission where you get to hunt down a Ural convoy: when I first played that mission back on 1.0, it was lucky if the hummer managed to get to the bridge without swerving to hell, but I actually just replayed it a while ago and it was quite fun! The AI, when not impeded by the Player, is quite able to find its way along roads, even when coming under fire.

I tried many times, but I never got past the small town after Somato (the one with the UAZ-mg). That is to say, I kept getting shot in the back by mobile peeps hiding in the bushes. Ah well - exit hummer and grab a bike. The bike-riding was tons of fun - zipping between cars while 6th Sense tracers zip overhead...oh yes. Only problem was of course the paper-machie that the bike was made out of: one failed turn and wham, useless bike. I shoot some more SLA, and steal their bike instead and this time I disregard the road: over the deserts it is.

I run out of time however, but no-one much seemed to care. Finished mission nonetheless.
Also, there was a constant error message to do with a ((getDammage d)) call which said something like "type....expected array" or object. Or something, anyway, it should be obvious when you try to run it yourself :D It didn't seem to break anything tho.


Enjoyable mission! The 4.5 minutes is a bit on the fast side, but I guess it's to keep players from leaving the road (I'm guessing it's not possible to make it in 4.5 minutes offroad). It does however limit the playing time to exactly 4.5 minutes (except for the fact the "failed" trigger doesn't seem to work :D). Suggestion: use on of the readily available countdown-timer scripts (not too much frills, is it?), I'm sure Mando has one someplace, :D that could make it look a bit better. Alternatively, use the Hint-pop up to have a constantly updating timer.

The only problem here is obviously the vulnerability of the gunner and the driver : with an addon that adds proper armor to the hummer and gives the gunner more cover, it'd be plenty more enjoyable. Nothing you can do about that though!

Fun little drive!  :good:
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Re: [SP] The Package
« Reply #2 on: 17 Jan 2008, 21:28:12 »
Hi Cheetah, here`s my opinion on the mission:

Package, Overview and Briefing

Are ok and up to the usual NF standard.


I was quite surprised that you trusted to the AI driving skills. That was quite ok and I had no problems until I reached Somato. There was a UAZ waiting for me which I could take down. But somewhere in the bushes, there were some soldiers lurking and I came in a crossfire anytime I tried to go past Somato. No chance to make it through alive. My next option were the dirtbikes just in front of the UAZ. But to my surprise, after I got in, they would not move a centimeter, even on full throttle.  :confused:

I don`t know what`s the fault here.



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Re: [SP] The Package
« Reply #3 on: 17 Jan 2008, 22:19:05 »
I think the problem with the bikes is that their wheels are -really- sensitive, and might've gotten damaged by the splash damage from the UAZ exploding/a stray M2 bullet. The civilan one was thrashed for me, but the military version worked...

And yes, I had the same problem after Somato with the buggers in the trees. But hey...maybe it was a conscious design decision ^__^ Gives us a reason to try 'em bikes at least..

Wolfrug out.
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Re: [SP] The Package
« Reply #4 on: 23 Feb 2008, 22:17:45 »
As I have seen you are now sending to review your missions here for beta-testing I decided to give you a bit more feedback in order to perfect them before the next destination. More to follow in the different topics.

The Package by Cheetah
a beta-test by NBSVieiraPT

Armed Assault v1.09.5208, Veteran difficulty, AI expert. Using Truemods and Chammy's Sound Mod.

Fine. Promo pic is interesting and the readme is concise but has everything the player needs to know.

Overview: Lacks a picture. The text is fine but rather short.

Intro: N/A

Plan: It is ok but lacks a bit more information. Maybe specify what enemy units one may encounter?
Notes: Again, too simple and concise for my taste. Maybe explain why we must drive through enemy territory to deliver a misterious package? It is ok though, just a personal opinion.
Gear: Fine.
Map: Everything works, no glitches.

Started in an undisclosed location only pointed out by the GPS which I liked and proceeded as driver to Ortego.
Drove fast through Ortego but got ambushed and got my windshield wrecked which lead me to run over two enemy units before they even shot.
In the next town was once again ambushed by an enemy UAZ and got killed. My gunner prooved to be useless. [Retry]
This time I decided to go as gunner through the cities as my gunner was to slow to react leading us to always get shot.
Neutralized Ortego ambush even before they could shoot, same with lone ambush pockets in the road to the nearest road, before the UAZ, switched to gunner and neutralized it. Went through the town as gunner but got ambushed again and my driver died, so I picked up the wheel and drove away before any RPG could hit us. In the way to the objective only found some small ambush pockets quickly neutralized by my gunner or my mad driving skills and managed to reach the desired location with still 55 seconds to spare.

Outro: N/A

Debriefing: All fine. Over 15 kills, I never look at the score.

Closing comments:
I liked this mission, straight to the point and fast always giving the player the sense of constant danger. The ambushes were well laid out and the UAZ was a nasty piece to get over. Some small ambush pockets, specially in those tight corners could be hidden which would make things a bit harder.
The AI is useless as gunner in the bigger ambushes in cities and too slow as drivers, but hey! that's not your fault at all. Though it all went very smooth.
Can't wait to play the other missions you have here still to be reviewed.
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Re: [SP] The Package (please review)
« Reply #5 on: 22 Jul 2008, 17:23:55 »
This 'no frills' mission is as ready as she will ever be or I want her to be ;).

Added v1.01 with a little tweaks to the mission. Only minor changes.
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Re: [SP] The Package (please review)
« Reply #6 on: 07 Sep 2008, 14:52:01 »
i got it  :D
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