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Translation anim
« on: 30 Nov 2007, 13:33:13 »
 hey all,
 I am in process of making some anims for mp destruction (notkeyframe) and i have a problem when using translation type.

 i can make the anim work like so

Code: [Select]
   class stage3
                  onlyforplayer= false;
                  condition= "this animationphase ""debris3"" , <0.5";
                  statement = "this animate [""debris3"", 10]";

 this will send it to north 10 meters, but when i want another debris to go opposite way i try

 statement = "this animate [""debris3"", -10]";
 but it wont have it, does anyone know what dictates apart from transaltion X Y Z wether or not the movement is south north east west ?

 if i try 0 it does return to its origina pos

 heres my class

Code: [Select]
class debris3
                   type ="TranslationY";
                   source = "user";
                   animPeriod =3;
                   sourceAddress = "clamp";
                   selection ="debris3";
                   axis ="osa_debris3";
                   angle0 =0;
                   angle1 =-15.574387;
   maxValue=20.05;      //max value 0.05m above ground

 thanks in advance for any tips. its classed as user at the moment for test purposes.
 Sorry just read and it dun siund right, the question is ,whilst i am using translationY , its ok to move 10 >  but when i try <10  it wont do it, i use the method described above statement = "this animate [""debris3"", -10]";

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