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« on: 27 Nov 2007, 16:05:30 »
SPON Status v0.3.0
- Released: 2007-12-22
- Install size: 107k + SPON Core (Core v0.1.2 used in demo)
- 100% scripts
- No addon dependencies
- Requires ArmA 1.07+
- See attached README.html for full details

Clearly show the status of the player's alliance, group and vehicle as an overlay.

Requires that the SPON Core scripts package be installed in the mission (v0.1.2 or higher). Both SPON Status and SPON Core are script-based and do not require any addons to be installed on client or server.

    *  Status shown while holding down a key (so you can still move/act). Either replaces the MP scoreboard (default key: 'I') entirely or allow it in addition to SPON Status (default key for status: 'SHIFT+I'). Details are updated twice a second.
    * Up to four blocks of information can be shown at once:
          o (optional) See up to 30 lines of OOB information (groups, spacers and sub-headings). Each group shows:
                + Indentation, to show OOB hierarchy.
                + Group name.
                + (optional) Name of group leader.
                + (optional) Number of soldiers in group (this is totalled for structures within the OOB).
          o See up to 16 members of your group indicating:
                + Group number of soldier, same as used by ArmA's command system.
                + Name of soldier
                + Vehicle icon.
                + Vehicle crew position icon.
                + Rank icon
                + Kit/role icon.
          o If you are in a vehicle, see up to 20 people in that vehicle, with all empty slots for that vehicle shown:
                + Name of soldier in that position.
                + Group name of soldier, if not from the player's group.
                + Vehicle crew position icon (even if no soldier in that position).
                + Rank icon
                + Kit/role icon.
          o Information about the state of the mission:
                + Arbitrary text info lines (3 lines of structured text, for timer, objective status, etc.).
                + Friendly flag.
                + Enemy flag.
                + Slider showing which side is winning.

    * Compatibility in SP/SP teamswitch/MP (dedicated or not)/MP JIP - FULL.
    * Compatible with SPON Rangefinder v0.1.2 or higher (Can't show status while using rangefinder).

As used in
    * CO-15 WarMachine and SP War Machine by SPhoenix

    * No more than 30 lines in OOB.
    * No more than 16 people in player's group.
    * No more than 20 people in player's vehicle.
    * Very long player names will be cut off.
    * Uses cut resource to show status overlay, so could interfere with other scripts that use that layer (but not SPON Rangefinder, which is fine). If another cut is shown while status is shown, then the status will disappear and not return until the player releases and re-presses the key.
    * Key-combination to show/hide the overlay is set at mission startup, so won't be updated if player changes key configuration during the mission.

Known Bugs
    * Sometimes the group leaders and size totals are not shown in the OOB.
    * Each time the script uses the command 'name' on a dead character, the name is provided correctly by ArmA, but a warning is placed in arma.RPT. However, not doing this would give an instant notification that someone was dead (because the name would be blank), even though they would still be seen as "alive" elsewhere.

    * Original icons (Sniper/anti-materiel scopes) by Ultimate (john dot e dot osterman at gmail dot com).
    * Some icons are reworked from originals by BIS, namely the crew position icons.
    * Utilises a heavily modified version of General Barron's squadnumber.sqf script. (to be both ArmA and MP compatible)
    * Significant testing and feedback by members of the Regiment of Grenadier Guards [RGG] squad ( Thanks fellas!

    * Replace and/or create icons to improve visual quality (I'm bad at drawing on the computer ;( ).
    * Add some sort of health monitor to the group and vehicle lists (probably just a heart icon when wounded).
    * Make more of the information optional.
    * Highlight the player's name and player's group in display.

Change Log
- Added
    * Group sizes are totalled for groups and side.

- Modified
    * Score area now shows up to three lines of structured text, rather than just one in a smaller font. The size of the flags has been reduced to accomodate this.

- Fixed
    * CTD when looking at the display, caused by some badly sized icons (sorry, I left in a 32x31 and a 72x72 icon which occassionally caused crashes; now all icons are correctly dimensioned to be ArmA-friendly!).

- Added
    * Anti-Materiel rifles now have a different icon to normal sniper rifles (KSVK & M107).
    * Score area, showing flags, a success slider and arbitrary text line. Because of its poition, this now limits the number of people in the player's group that will be shown to 16, which should be more than enough for any well-designed mission.
    * Group number, for members of your own group, now shown in vehicle list.

- Modified
    * General formatting changes.

- Fixed
    * Civilian group names, leader names and group sizes are blank in the OOB.
    * If the soldier has been named in the mission, or had setVehicleVarName used, then it will always appear as number 0 within its group.
    * SVD Draganov now correctly recognised as a sniper rifle.

- First release.

Get SPON Status
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Very Nice!!
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« Reply #2 on: 10 Dec 2007, 18:46:48 »
Updated to v0.2.0: Mainly adding the score area, but some layout tweaks and bug-fixes.
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« Reply #3 on: 22 Dec 2007, 18:45:43 »
Updated to v0.3.0: Fixed a CTD problem and added some minor functionality.
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