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Author Topic: To Create a New World Campaign Story  (Read 1433 times)

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To Create a New World Campaign Story
« on: 16 Sep 2007, 02:09:08 »
Title: To Create a New World
Land: Sahrani
Addons: Undecided - To be implemented after beta testing.
Inspiration: Deus Ex

Known Story -

The year is 2060.  Sahrani, a Republican State has been invaded by an army of unknown origin.  Fighting which spread over two years has come to a stop since the the forces of Sahrani were defeated.  Now that the country is under the firm control of the new fascist government lead by a dictator known only as 'The Overlord', all that remains of the fire that tried to keep the invaders at bay, are a band of guerrilla fighters, vainly trying to put an end to the power which has flooded them in despair.  However futile their efforts are, they are constantly re-enforced by the endless supply of citizens who flee to their refuge in the forests and mountains.  People are being killed everywhere.  If anyone steps out of like, entire villages are exterminated.  People now live in fear of what the invaders have planned.  Why are they doing this? Why are they here? Surely they did not put up such a grand devastation simply to kill everyone to the last man.  However, people are getting restless, the fighters are starting to make a slight difference.  The fighters gain and lose territory and appear at all sides of the country.  The Overlord has called for a single man to make a difference.

You are Kane.  A prototype configuration of a human.  Designed to hunt down and put and end to the resistance.  Can you make a difference to the war.  However, you may know how to fight and kill, but do your morals agree with your orders?


This is my second attempt at a new campaign which this time uses voice acting and a twisted story.  I post this to let as many of you know about what the story is before i let out missions for testing with incomplete stories.  The story in this campaign develops, i have told you the beginning, you will just have to wait and see how it turns out.

However great the campaign appears in my mind, something like this is easier imagined than made.  And the hardest part of a story, is the beginning.  I need help know how to make the first mission; What are your first objectives? Where in Sahrani does the story begin?  Kanes story begins simply by arriving in Sahrani upon completing therapy on your new augmentations.  The drama i can handle.  What i can't decide on is a mission to grip the players into wanting to continue playing.

So please, give me your thoughts.  It can be anything from a short journey around the country to starting immediately on the hunt for the resistance.  Those whose ideas will be used will be credited for inspiration.  Thank You.

Surdus Priest
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Campaigns are hard, I'll stick with scripting for now!

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Re: To Create a New World Campaign Story
« Reply #1 on: 16 Sep 2007, 14:51:47 »
I suggest, personally, that the first mission introduces as many of "Kane's" augmentations as is possible or necessary (leaving some for later if game play needs it to), and also generally gives the Player an idea why this campaign is different from all the others - i.e., Deus-Ex style text-and-voiceovers popping up in the upper corner for radio messages, special dialogs and the like, custom addons used (futuristic vehicles, if you know any ported to ArmA yet, weapons, etc), RPG elements? (i.e. multiple choice conversations, stats, inventory...).

If you on the other hand are concentrating on just the story and relying on stock gameplay, then you need something that gives the Player a firm grasp of the world you're trying to relay to them. Sahrani is designed around the storyline of the official campaign (tropical paradise/communist dictatorship), as well as the circa-contemporary timeline (paved roads, traffic lights, airport). If you're going to put the player 50-odd years into the future, you need to either give a believable visual representation of this (dystopian future with huge slums work fine) or an equally believable reason why everything looks the way it does (might be easier than playing around with lots of custom buildings etc.).

Once the player knows he's somewhere different, with a different atmosphere and a different mode of gaming, you can just continue spinning on that thread. Take examples from any popular computer game title recently and not so recently: Bioshock, System Shock 2, Deus Ex, and figure out how to weave your story on from there.  :good:

Good luck!

Wolfrug out.
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Re: To Create a New World Campaign Story
« Reply #2 on: 16 Sep 2007, 15:17:18 »
Good Ideas.  I do have an explanation why the scenery of sahrani would not look too different and why the people might be wearing the same style clothes.  It is simply that the year today is 2007 and in the last 50 years, nothing has really changed other than the technology.  The buildings look the same, the people look the same. the only difference today is we have more advanced computers, medicine and weapons etc.  in the year 2060 we will still be driving cars, building houses out of stone or brick.  However technology will increase.  so in my campaign, a simple addon altering the textures to make soldiers uniforms darker and more high tech looking.  maybe more high tech tanks and cars, but the buildings the trees and the people will look the same.  The only major difference in the atmosphere will be that it will be raining... all the time, anyone whose watched Blade Runner will know what i mean lol.

PS, heres a list of current augmentations i have decided on:

Health Regeneration
Godmode - Only on certain missions
Radar - Still being worked on
Surdus Amiculus - A Personal AI inside your head, also a story character.


If anyone has any more ideas let me know
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Campaigns are hard, I'll stick with scripting for now!