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Playing the armed assault campaign and got me thinking how much the storyline and missions sucked. it got me thinking about what it oculd have been like and what sort of game it could have turned out to be.

Part of my degree last year was International Crisis management and i got pretty good at making hypothetical (but easily true) political situations. I thought about the sahrani situation and wrote the key elements and characters down (only character name that we have is William Porter (was rather annoyed he want the Armstrong of ArmA). What i wrote was a brief history of sahrani, why and how it was divided North and south, the political situations in both regions and the reason for a US military presence.

I managed to draft a story that takes place over one month, their are 4 playable indepth characters like the ofp campaign with developing story lines as the game progresses. The story is set in January 2008, North and South Sahrani have been divided for nearly 30 years. the north is still communist and the south is run by a monarchy, with a degree of democratic checks on the King. The story begins when two CIA agents are captured near Pita airbase by the SLA. While attempting to secure their release the US ambassador to N Sahrani is caught up in a coup attempt by the SLA (in this story the Sahrani Liberation Army are a powerful political and paramilitary group much like Hezbollah, although well equipped). The first mission begins as a US Black Ops unit is sent in to rescue the Ambassador and other captured US servicemen.

so far im drafting the first mission. All the missions and story events that i have wrote are easily do able in the arma engine. and many of the aspects are still up for discussion, and change.

This would be a VERY addon light campaign, i would be surpised if any were needed at all.

However if this is going to be done and its going to be done well ill need some help.
-Cutscenes: If the story is going to be told well then these need to be done well. and i have absolutely know idea how to do them.
-Voice actors: would also be needed. At least 3 american voice actors would be needed, one British that i can supply myself, and others maybe form spanish origin that can be used for civilians news reporters on the island, also a single Russian accent.
-Scripters: Wouldn't know where to begin with these but i guess it will be needed throughout the campaign missions.

Sorry that the details of the story line are not included, wanted to keep many details secret.

If anyone can help please let me know. It would be possible to release these as standalone mission pack but i would rather release it as a single complete campaign with Situation reports, news and character cut scenes. Hopefully when completed with some help this could change the way people look at Armed assault as it is today.
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