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Not a MMOPRG trust me, but better!
« on: 22 Jul 2007, 02:42:06 »
Hi everyone I've started a replied to a post here:;act=ST;f=57;t=65060

I was thinking of this issue for some time now as I know many of you do the same, the possibility on ongoing on the fly mission editor not so much to make mission but think about it as an on going conflict and interaction of AI, players and a overall AI orchestra director (controlling those variable that make the game unpredictable "does not mean random"  but coordinated) for the AI matters, think of it as and all out player vs. the AI (modified AI for faster reaction time) the terrain, buildings, personal, HQ, supply depot, Mini market, Chinese food restaurant, Industries and Brothels for "Player and AI R&R" (aka health level).  :yes:

Basically is the connection of many simultaneous and non simultaneous sessions "servers" to make a huge style of gameplay witch OFP and Arma can play at the same time not necessarily simultaneous or in the same map but as a grand effort with all the stats being compared in a DataBase, if you guys think about it not limited at all by nothing, remember this is a Gameplay suggestion not a Addon only thing, when CTI came out it made the islands useful, now if this can be implemented  it will make the maps also useful on a global campaign, on going, reinforced, terrain taking thingy.

Have made a lot of drafts for this Mod witch is not limited too OFP/Arma interacting together but can also take other games (optional) to be included in the global strategy for example: Lock On, Falcon obvious reason are the flight models or "Dangerous Waters" for naval warfare. Yes I know how can one game affect the others ? well if I take out a convoy will the supplies reach there destination on say Arma or OFP ? remember I'm saying BIS games are the main "McCoy" the optional ones are just that.

Strategy is not limited to your map size and number of players is not limited to the server, but if you connect different servers (not hardware related but more on the software level) all this is possible. and SuPA FuN!

Would like to hear your comments about it here on OFPEC

Thank you.
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