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Author Topic: Boot Camp  (Read 1351 times)

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Boot Camp
« on: 21 Feb 2007, 00:58:17 »
Boot Camp from of the bus to graduation as a champain . i know that mission writers have had this in their work before. but if someone put in the work for strictly a boot camp scenario with reading and paper work somehow and not just gun play. this would be a lot of work to make it close to real, but iam just throughing this up in the air!
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Re: Boot Camp
« Reply #1 on: 26 Feb 2007, 22:34:36 »
I'de definetely welcome it...I think it would take a lot of work...but not if you have all the right thinking as in thinking it through and deciding on what you want the player to do and be involved in..

OFP may also have some limitations to something, but scripting and other things in editing makes those limitation disappear...So I say if your willing and can go for it....

Good luck..
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