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Author Topic: big idea hopefully possible  (Read 1161 times)

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big idea hopefully possible
« on: 29 Aug 2006, 22:40:24 »
hi im new at ofp mission editor and i have pretty much no no understanding of scripting. i know bad start. but heers my idea. the east and the west have both recently arrived on the island. thanks to good engeneers and planning they both have set-up a good size main base and a few small outposts. since there has been no reall fighting, yet, the civilians are still living in the area and going about their dayly lives. mean while, a mercenary group( represented by the resistance using a add-on) has set up near the island and has a few hidden camp on the island. ok that pretty much it for the back story. what i want to set up is. the east and the west have an equal number of objectives to complete before they can win. ill think of some objectives later. for the civilians i was thinking they could just live life on the island or they could temporaroly join one of the sides. for  the mercs i was thinking that they could act as mercs. on side goes to the meeting point and meets the merc representative and they set up a deal where the mercs fofil and that side gives them some thing. i was thinking of using a mod my friend told me about that allows the east and the west to buy items and units for their team. if you have any feed back  good and bad let me know, or if you know anything that could help me just post a reply and ill get back to you when i can

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Re: big idea hopefully possible
« Reply #1 on: 30 Aug 2006, 02:57:04 »
Hi Schatten88

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Sounds a bit like a CTI MP Map. I take it you'd like a MP mission compared to a SP mission?

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Re: big idea hopefully possible
« Reply #2 on: 30 Aug 2006, 07:27:09 »
Nice ideas in there Schatten, and welcome to a friendly place.

All you suggest above can be done without addons using OFP:resistance.

It's your mission, just go for it. No one has ever made your mission.

when you have specific questions to ask, as in 'how do i...' post them in Editing/Scripting: General. They are a friendly lot and will be eager to help. Don't think you're asking really dumb questions, we've all been there.

I would reccomend that you avoid addons for your first attempts, simply because, why bother? They are in no way necessary to make a 'good' mission. They can make a 'good' mission 'great', but you'll have enough to do!
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Re: big idea hopefully possible
« Reply #3 on: 30 Aug 2006, 12:18:24 »
Dont add addons, unless its nessecery. Unless you really must have the merc addons I wouldnt bother... you can still get the same experience from the original resistance units.

I like the idea of your mission, so...  good luck  :good: