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TV News Studio
« on: 26 Aug 2006, 13:37:52 »
Has there ever been one?

More and more missions use newsreports for there cutscenes and use workarounds.

If it's possible to apply custom textures from the mission folders with setobjecttexture to an object then it just has to consist of a simple wall with this feature, a news man and woman, an appropriate desk and chair. The rest is done by the mission editor with his own texture for the background and a televsion cutrsc.

Different styles where needed would be nice:
80's US news
80's Udssr news
Modern US news
Modern generic news
Modern arabic news

Size should stay below 5MB to make it a common addon.

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Re: TV News Studio
« Reply #1 on: 02 Sep 2006, 20:08:08 »
Indeed - sounds like a good idea to me.  :clap:
Unfortunately i'm too busy with my current project at the moment,
so maybe someone else;

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