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FFUR Israeli Defense Mod?
« on: 20 Aug 2006, 04:23:52 »
This is actually a question for the creator of FFUR, I dont know if he reads this forum but hopefully he does.  For anyone who has played the FFUR asian, european and desert mods, I just had an idea to replace the US units with Israeli IDF forces, and replace the Russian units with generic middle eastern terrorist units.  I actually already started this project using VIT and LOBO addons, but have since run out of free time to complete it.  I basically used the desert FFUR mod as a base and then made a second IDF folder that contains the IDF addons and config.  I then created a second FFUR Desert mod short cut but added the IDF mod at the end of the short cut command line so that it overwrites the FFUR desert config with the IDF config when it loads.  This way I can play either FFUR desert or the IDF mod while conserving hard drive space.  Unfortunately I never completed the IDF config.

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Re: FFUR Israeli Defense Mod?
« Reply #1 on: 20 Aug 2006, 10:18:52 »
It's a good idea, but I suggest you post it in the Official Forums topic aswell. You may get more of a responce that way :);act=ST;f=4;t=52979
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