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« on: 16 Aug 2006, 10:43:07 »
Okay this is my new idea for a MP mission.
STI basically stands for Secure The Island. What it is, the island is full of soviet soldiers. A few tanks randomly on patrol and infantry in most towns all with guard waypoints meaning when enemy's are sptted they request support from other groups on guard. So if you arent carfeully you could have the entire island chasing you down.

The original idea was for my clan but i have decided to make it addon free - apart from COC UA so you cna call artillery strikes.
There will be respawn where you respawn back at base.
I planned on this being very good for dynamic clan training missions as troops are in basically every town you could create your own mission and plan anywhere on the island with un expected out comes.

The only thing is, the mission will not end its up to the admin when the objectives set are completed to end the mission.

Thats the whole concept so far.

So far Everon and Nogova STI has been created however the idea is still slightly dull.
Could anyone suggest some more ideas to the whole missions?

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« Reply #1 on: 16 Aug 2006, 21:37:56 »
That idea is old and quite used. It has been done as public MP co-op maps, and especially as training grounds for co-op clans in various styles and versions. I personally use just such a mission for Project: Flashpoint (see sig, or read OFPEC news). Basically what you can do to make it more interesting is to take it in two directions, preferably both:

1) Background, background, background. 30 minutes just to explain to every troop how you are doing it, why you are doing it, and split people to different flanks. Just getting in position should take more than an hour, at least. Every precaution must be taken and the plan must be water-proof, even if it's "just" training. This will make the players feel that they are doing something that actually matters. Roleplaying is extremely welcome here.

2) Flexibility and chance. Assaulting the town at the border-line can get kind of old the eleventh time you do it. Randomize every bloody unit. Put a convoy on the map, make it move randomly. Put out a few hot-spots, like guarded officers, fuel dumps, harbours. You don't have to take them every time you play, but just have them there. Mix in a bit of roleplaying and a really good groupLink/reinforcements/support/whatever and you can basically have every bloody scenario you can think of.

You CAN take even one step further. I am personally working on a MP-mission which will let me randomize everything, from patrols to convoys and objectives - without me even interfering - AND it is communicating with previous runs of the same map. What this means is that if you lose that vehicle, it's lost. But on the other hand, if you take that  town - it's yours and will stay that way no matter how often you reassign. At least until you're counter-attacked. :)

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« Reply #2 on: 27 Sep 2006, 22:16:06 »
Well ive currently being put alot of effort into these maps. Adding random waypoints, random units, random convoys and random pretty much everything.

I have used COC artillery very sparingly so its there however isnt very usefull as i have limited all aspects of the artillery. Ive also used COC AI on demand. An apache script which uses fuel slightly faster, stops you firing helfires at too fast speeds and stops you from ejecting at too high a altitude like in real choppers. This also causes air support to be slightly less efective so therefore infantry is the best option and as the long wait for respawn it enforces more of a tactical aproach to everything.

Anyway thats about it so far any more ideas would be great.