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Author Topic: A Cold Future  (Read 1675 times)

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A Cold Future
« on: 23 Nov 2005, 05:37:44 »
Newest Mission in progress:

In 2006 Mil-tech had made the first ever self-operated combat vehicles, all with next generation tanks. In other words, they made robots that could fight. The first to buy their technology was the US. They intergrated the new defence system with the exsisting technology.

Then all hell broke lose.

The machines had a virus in them. It started by reprograming the machines and turning them agaist the US. Then, since the system was now a part of all the United States' Military, it start a nuclear snap count. Every single nuclear weapon in the arsenal of the US was launched in the predertmained pattern to complete one objective- destroy the world.

The sequence was stopped half way through but it was too late. Almost everyone on the surface of the earth was dead. Many US soldiers surived the nukes, but so did the Miltech machines. The machines only had one goal left- to kill every human.

Two years later my mission starts.

The world is in nuclear winter, everything is frozen. The US army has a plan to fight back agaist the machines . They have a fleet of new planes that were rebuilt and armed with the same next generation weapon systems the robots have. The plane also use the same computer coding system so the robots won't attack them.

You are soldier outposted in small bunker system guarding one of these planes. Your only mission is to delay the machines long enough so the plane can get airborne. You don't know where you are- everything is frozen, and destoried. You an a platoon of other soldiers are in the same conrete bunker maze waiting for the machines to come and waiting to see whos behind this...

-You fight the robots in large conrete entrenchments inspired by the terminator movies
-The large "tank" robots are hard to kill you need to sneek up behind them and plant 4 clenched charges
-The mission is at night and use of flares and lighting effect adds a nice mood
-Snowing and other weather effects at the time
-Plant mine traps and ambushes for the robots
-Run the defence plan

So Far my mission uses the following addons:

Footmunch F35
Wanzer Pack
Talon Robots
HYK Soldiers
Keg Resistance Artic Pack
Mapfact Military Objects
Mapfact Barracks
Mapfact Bunker Building Pack
Mapfact Mines
INQ M60 machine gun
"The Freezer" island
BMI Black Ops
Aef real lights

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Re:A Cold Future
« Reply #1 on: 23 Nov 2005, 09:57:58 »
hoboman, this board is for designers to get ideas for missions to create, or to ask specifically how to improve a mission idea, not to advertise missions that are already underway.

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