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Author Topic: Taxi Tank  (Read 877 times)

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Taxi Tank
« on: 22 Mar 2005, 06:17:32 »
First of all, does anyone ever do what anyone asks here? I have no mapping abilities of my own, even with tutorials... I would love to see this mission

Anyways, my idea was that the player (single mission) and a partner (preferably the driver) get into an M2A2 Bradley at a base in a town (like Montignac, Everon), drive to another town (like Morton) and pick up a team (can only hold 6) and drive them to another town (Regina) and drop them off. The small squad of 6 then goes into the hills to be a recon team for the assault on St. Pierre (from the campaign, you are the pilot in the mission, remember?).

 Anyways, after you drop them off, you start to head back to Montignac but have to divert course to Levie or something because BMP's or T-72's are attacking and u need to assist. And the whole time you are encountering the odd russian soldier.

I know I'm probably asking a lot, but I just wanted to see a mission like this with the Bradley, and I'm completely unable to map for myself. Could anyone give this a try? Please????

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Re:Taxi Tank
« Reply #1 on: 23 Mar 2005, 01:04:17 »
This is just a regular mission d00d you're not asking for anything special


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Re:Taxi Tank
« Reply #2 on: 23 Mar 2005, 01:17:25 »
Well, If I'm not asking anything special, could someone give it a go? I just have no idea how to do any mapping of my own and I really would like this level...
Could someone make it please?