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Civil War Campaign Ideas
« on: 05 Feb 2005, 02:32:11 »
I recently downloaded the civil war mod,  but I don't really have any good ideas on what to use it for. (Aside from the fact that whatever it is, will pertain to the civil war.  ;))

Query 1 - Being that most civil war battles involved several hundred, or even several thousand units, it would be hard to design a historical scenario without some sort of modification.  -- So how could I downsize and still make it believable?

Query 2 - Believable, fictional story lines.  No idea what to do here. (I was thinking that it might be easier to write a story line for a campaign in this case, instead of trying to fit it into one mission.  But, I still want opinions.)

Query 3 - How would a special operations mission be handled in the civil war?  Looking for some good ideas here. I currently have none of my own, but if I think of any I will modify the post.

That's about it for now.  Just looking for some feedback.  8)

xavierjones, out.

Matt Walter

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Re:Civil War Campaign Ideas
« Reply #1 on: 05 Feb 2005, 06:01:21 »
You could be a scout group or something, or what I think would be cool is if, lets say the campaign was the aftermath of a big battle. Lets just say you want the main character to be aa union soldier... the battle would have been lost by by the union. You get knocked out or something during the battle to find yourself prisioner in a prision camp or whatever. Some how you excape (which the prision excape could be a mission) and you try to get out of enemy lines. On the way though, you could inconter things that could help the wor effert, and do garella stuff... who could one man do this you say....well, he can't...lets say you weren't the only one to excape the, i would like the idea you meat characters on you "jurney" hat can help you out. For example, maybe you com across other people like you, behind enemy lines, or you can find scout groups that did stuff behind enemy lines sometimes. Characters would die and be replaced with new characters....kinda think of the Cold Mountain aproch...Jude Law comes across a lot of characters.

...but all i know, that is not even the type of civil war campaign you want to make.  ;)

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Re:Civil War Campaign Ideas
« Reply #3 on: 05 Feb 2005, 19:02:16 »
Actually that sounds like a pretty good idea for a campaign.  Although,  I have to ask,  why did you suggest it if you don't think it's the type I would want to make? haha Or maybe I'm missing something,  which I'm sure is quite possible.  :P

Matt Walter

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Re:Civil War Campaign Ideas
« Reply #4 on: 05 Feb 2005, 21:12:53 »
... i don't remember why I sugested that once I think about it.  ???

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Re:Civil War Campaign Ideas
« Reply #5 on: 13 Feb 2005, 00:19:10 »
hey there is a sound pack somewhere with ambience... 1 of the ambience sound is loud close-range gunfire with bullets flying over your ears... that 1 could help with the "making it look like theres still a lot of people" or something.
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