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This is quite daunting being my first  post here  :-\ ... (bloody good tutorials! Keeping me up till 4am!)

Anyways, my mission idea sprang up when I gave my civilian player a Glock with ammo sucessfuly... and found out i could walk with it and shoot with relative accuracy... and with one of the many bullet time tutorial scripts, found out that a civilian armed with a glock could be quite... Potent!

So My idea really is that you work for an arms dealer that is situated in the lower left hand airport of the map.. And his partner being in a small town in the north, near the other airport on the small individual island. and basically, through the campaign you have to take out rival arms dealers (thought it seemed cool stalking through a building with a pistol taking out lots of men at close range, Exiting?) and having to tactically take on black ops who are trying thier best to stop the dealing shenanigans, so gang warfare, car bombing (with car bombs going off like 4X satchel charges), mabey some sort of money system to buy vehicles and weapons, change of AI so they walk and squat with weapons rather than lying down to fire, and make them have less accuracy so that fire fights are more exiting...

Because the arms dealing and drugs dealing misssions, ive seen them being the same as regular missions, I want to try and make a mission based on close combat with gang like weapons.

But Im very interested in a Money system!.


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Re:Arms shipping, And nasty black ninja type drug busters.
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Thing i got your vision.

It require to be like a CTI or RTS3 mission with crime city stuffs. But instead of using east or west soldiers like it use bikers from EVERON's CARTEL and mob units also terrorist units.

And to have the AI less accurate then lower the skills in the ofp editor or use weapons with JAM hd mags.