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Author Topic: I have an idea for a campaign but am rubbish at mission editing. help  (Read 894 times)

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Stinky Nut Rappa

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i have been trying to make a campaign about a helicopter pilot who crashed on winter kolgujev but am rubbish at designing. the pilot then goes on to help UCE's KLA and some SAS people. please help me

Offline Marvin

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I think you need to go to recruitment depot, to get some mission makers
Is there any games than Flashpoint?


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make the plot more basic.  start off with the times, whats going on at the moment, then what happens as a result, then tell whats interesting about it.  

Offline Artak

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This board is ment for members to share their ideas - get some new ones or improve the old.
If you want help in building your campaign idea, you need to submit a vacancy add in the recruitment depot.

send me an IM, if you wanted help in developing the idea, and I'll unlock this.  :)
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