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« on: 02 Nov 2004, 22:34:06 »
Ok this would be like the Guardian mission:

-there was no russian invasion
-only police to enforce law
-rebels have taken north part of island
-US Army called in, has taken back southern Nogova
-US unsuccesful in North
-no heavy equipment yet
-rebels split cause of politics
-rebels trying to influenece election
-mission set on election day ;)

Now you are the leader of the strike force at the airport. Last night voters from several towns approached the airport to ask for an escort to Lipany to vote. They fear the rebels will try to influenece the election by ambushing civvis on the main roads and at the bridge. Going north would be suicide. :P

Under pressure from high comand you get the job. You must make sure the road is safe so the bus with voters can make it to the polls so Prez Novak could still stay on the ballot. :)

I'm not sure about the details of the mission though, but it seems like something to build off of.

Ohh yeah, you can't use a UH60 cause US army is occupied with the northern territory and rebel AA has been devasting to US air support. :P

More ideas? :)